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Would you dare to walk out of your door wearing sweatpants and a tuxedo blazer? At least every true gentleman will say no to that. The same applies to your choice of watches. While they are meant to tell time as their core function, watches do more than that.

A watch can tell volumes about a gentleman, not to mention adding a touch of personality to their ensemble. For instance, an individual who takes their time to match their watch with their outfit can be considered a detail-oriented gentleman. What makes choosing the perfect combination even better is that it’s quite easy to do so.

Read on to learn how to match your watch with your outfit:

What Is Your Everyday Outfit?

Watches are almost exclusively the only accessory that men have to wear, according to The Watch Company website – sellers of Hamilton Ventura watches. This further puts more stress on the need to match watches and outfits. Before proceeding to do so, first identify whether the outfit you want to wear is casual, sporty or formal.

If you use the outfit for a morning jog or for doing everyday errands, then the outfit is casual or sporty. While an outfit for going out with friends to the movies is casual, one that you use for black tie events, business meetings or weddings can be considered formal. Although there are watches that will be versatile enough to be used with a variety of outfits, you will still need to look into other watch features to make a perfect choice.

The Size and Material of the Watch Case

If your watch’s case is made from gold or other precious metals, the chances are that the timepiece is a formal one. On the flip side, cases made from steel, carbon or even plastic are often a sign that your watch is a casual or sporty one. As for the size of the case, men’s watches tend to be between 36mm – 50mm in diameter.

Formal watches tend to have a smaller case circumference that ranges from 36mm to 40mm. Sports and casual watches can be as large as possible, but it is advisable to stick to watches that are within the limits stated above to look spot on.

The Watch Dial

What type of indices does your watch have? Dials that have Roman numerals are considered formal, while those with Arab numerals are mostly casual. However, there will always be exceptions to this rule.

When it comes to formal watches, less is always more. The less complications that a watch has, the more formal it looks. In case your watch has a variety of complications such as chronographs, GMT hands or even annual calendars, then it will fit more with casual-formal wear than formal wear.

Watch Strap Choices

Leather looks great on formal watches, but worn-in leather will always look amazing in casual wear like pieces of denim. Formal watches will typically have thin, gloss leather straps, which call for some attention to maintain. Nato straps, on the other hand, tend to go well with casual-formal wear or casual wear.

Watch on the wrist of a man above a MacBook Pro

If you are looking for a touch of versatility, metallic straps will do the trick. Such straps tend to compliment  both formal and casual wear, though they are not great on sporty watches. The good thing about straps is that you can buy a single watch and change its straps to give it a different kind of appeal.


Matching your clothes with your watch is all about making it blend in rather than stand out from the entire ensemble. In return, you get to stand out from other gentlemen while looking comfortable enough in your outfit. Consider the above pointers to add some personality to the way you dress.

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