Choosing the Right Art for Your Rooms

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If you’re an art lover, it’s only natural you’d want to get a hold of some pieces for your own walls at home. No longer having to fork out for gallery or museum visits, you could very well sit down and enjoy the comforts of a well colored, textured, expert piece from your own sofa. Sounds like a dream!

However, finding the right art for your walls can be very hard to pull off. After all, you don’t want to waste money, and not every single art piece can be fitted to every single room in a person’s house. You have to be careful about balance here, and with that in mind, let’s go through some expert tips below.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is a very unique room when it comes to art. However, there’s a lot of room in the kitchen for art pieces on the walls, even if you’re just hanging them on the backsplash or above the cooker!

You’re going to want to use some smaller, cute pieces here, such as type prints, pictures of animals, or even just food scenes. Something like a bowl or apples and oranges is great to hang next to the door, to try and liven up that empty space where your dining table is.

In the Bedroom/Living Room

The bedroom and the living room are very much on the same wavelength when it comes to art. Sure, the bedroom might deserve some more intimate, homey feeling pieces, but it’s a fine line and there’s a lot of overlap. So when it comes to finding the right piece of art for either one of these rooms, you’ll have a lot of online art sales to choose from!

You want art that’s relaxing, and helps you to feel comfortable and at home. You want something soft and calm, to help you unwind after a long day, or relax before you fall asleep. Both of these rooms are very fun to try and find art for, and there’s a lot of placements you can play round with, so go nuts here!

In the Bathroom

The bathroom deserves to have a bit of artwork in it, for no other reason than that it’s a well used room in your home, and it shouldn’t feel like a clinical and cold space, especially with those cool tiles and tones on the walls. Find a lovely acrylic photo frame that matches the rest of the decor and then put something contrasting and exciting in that frame to make it stand out even more.

Think about where your bathroom is, and what’s already in it. Is it a modern space? Is it downstairs or upstairs? And how big or small is it? Because the artwork should fit these general uses – for example, a traditional bathroom that features minimalist inspired artwork is never going to look quite right!

Finding the right art for each room in your house is going to take some time. Be sure to try out pieces, even if just by quickly printing a copy off the web and seeing how it fits. And make sure you’re happy with the result!

Image Credits: Tim Gouw

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