Welcoming Art Back To Where It Belongs The Most, Your Home

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We pay millions and millions to go and enjoy art in the galleries. All around the world, from the serene waters of Venice, the gothic cathedrals of Barcelona and the monumental galleries of London, we pay to see art in all its glory. Perhaps like never before, we’re spending our hard-earned money to witness the beauty and creativity of old and new artists. However, we don’t nearly spend as much money on art in our homes as we do outside of it. That is a crying shame, and enraging injustice, and damn shame. Art belongs in the home; first and foremost. You should never have to walk outside your home, leave your humble abode, just to witness the sensational expressions of artists. It should live right in your décor, it should become a part of your home and thus a part of who you are. Plus, nowadays, increasing numbers of pieces of art like watercolours are being digitized, so the number of pieces of art available to be turned into prints is growing! Here’s how to welcome art back into your home, like a long-lost friend.

Small yet mighty

The most constraining reason why so many people don’t make a place for art to exist in their homes is the simple fear of getting it wrong. You don’t want to freak out your guests by having a bizarre piece of artwork that speaks to you but not to other people. Or do you? Art should be about attaining a better bridge to walk over, to the things you like. Art in your home should be for yourself and no one else. If you’re thinking of including art in your home just because you want to impress your guests and look ‘cultured’, you’re doing it wrong. So that’s the first thing to get out of your mind. If you’re a little nervous about adding art into your home, don’t worry because you should start off small. Figurines and small ornaments are not going to leap out at guests but they will begin to slowly spread your artistic taste all around the house.

In the hallway, it is where you should begin. What kind of things do you find to be mesmerizing? Maybe you’ve always been infatuated with the beauty of dance and 50s fashion. A brass or granite statuette of an enchantress can stand right next to your key bowl. Perhaps you would like to express your love for spring and light. A mirror with a springtime design is a brilliant addition. It’s subtle and blends into your home, yet in the frame, you can have blossoming flowers, birds chirping and flying as well as a beautiful morning sun rising. A bespoke carved wooden frame would be the best way to go. Maybe you want something more outlandish and expressive. Add an impressionist light shade in the hallway, bathing the landing with mature tones and expressive brush strokes.

Heading into the classics

Classic art is highly prized because it’s stood the test of time and has been showcased all around the world. It’s also earned it’s right in art history, which is important for any cultural impact. One artist has been particularly important for the culture. Andy Warhol has had a massive impact on not just British culture, but art culture all around the globe. He particularly focused on headshots and portraits of popular figures. From Marilyn Monroe to General Mao, he painted these figures in abstract loud colors, to shift the dimension in which they were seen. You should make the most of any pieces up for grabs and Buy Andy Warhol Art for Sale on Deodato.co.uk. These classic artworks should be pinned to your walls with great pride. The artworks are 84.5cm by 84.5cm. The blend of neon colors and psychedelic 70s tones is one of the hallmarks of Warhol’s masterpieces. They are statement pieces and their vibrancy will be the subject of many conversations. They would go great in your living room, in your stairway or perhaps even your bedroom.

Going all out, ancient style

For many art lovers, modern art truly began in ancient Greece. It must be noted that many art styles from different cultures around the world did make an impact on human history. However, ancient Greece and it’s stone statues were the beginning of truly modern art. It’s not just the artwork itself, but how complex the practical means and skills are to achieve such amazing sculptures. White limestone statues are the preferred style when it comes to this ancient art. But where would you put such a statue? It should also mean something, i.e. the setting in which the statue is standing must try to reflect some of the figure’s personality.

A tall limestone sculpture of the Greek God of the seas, Poseidon, could fit right in your garden. If you have a large garden or would like to place a fountain in the center, Poseidon should be standing tall on top of it. On the other hand, if you would rather have a statue of the Greek God Athena, then it could be standing somewhere besides your garden pathway. She is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge so placing her in your garden, along a walking path is great for when you need time to be alone with your thoughts. The symbolic meaning is just as important as the quality of the sculpture.

A big canvas

Your home has three large canvases. The floor, walls, and ceilings are blank canvases for you to use however you want to. That’s how you must approach your décor and interior design. Everything in your home can be art. Start off with your floor since it’s the easiest place to begin. Rugs are a brilliant way to slowly introduce yourself to more décor artwork styles. Various mosaic and tile rugs should be used to imprint images, patterns and geometric styles to your home. They’re not in the way but they’re present to anyone who is paying attention.

Art belongs in the home, first and foremost. So instead of paying to go enjoy art in a gallery, bring the gallery home and start exploring all the different options you have for making your home feel and look more like you.

Image Credits: Kevin Jarrett

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