Cloud Technology: Formation, Relations with Society and Cloud BI Solutions

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With almost two hundred thousand years of existence, humans must have developed a lot of skills in order to survive. The act of surviving itself is almost an art and science, a skill that has never been lost. It may have changed over time, but the essence of survival is still there. We have moved away from the animal mindset and violent tendencies that prevailed ancient customs and civilizations. Instead, we are now in the most competitive yet exciting time to be human. Modern civilization has shaped into one of the most complicated societal structures humans have ever seen. Navigating through it might even be considered as dangerous as fighting off your enemies for food. Opportunities and chances for a better life are at stake, and being left out means being on the bottom of the food chain.

As modern civilization continues to grow and prosper, its drivers and movers are also improving every single day. One these is technology, and it has affected the lives of humans in both small and large-scale changes. Some of these changes are not easily noticeable. Technology has improved our life in ways that we can never imagine. Tasks that once needed more manpower can now be done by a complex machine. Its speed of production can even surpass a human’s capability. Technology does not get tired; it just needs to be repaired and improved over time. This is not to replace a human’s role in doing the job, as we are still the ones creating the technology. However, people cannot deny the comfort technology gives us in today’s living.

One of the most important inventions of the current era is the internet. As we have developed into more complex societies, we needed to connect ourselves with other cultures. The internet has provided a medium for that kind of interaction without the travel and time. We have also managed to create a society within a society because of the presence of the internet. It is like a country of its own, with its own set of rules, regulations and even currency. Anything is possible with the internet these days and people are taking advantage of it. The internet can be summarized as a collection of information accessible to the general population. However, it is far more complicated than that, as there are other things that the internet can do. It can act as a storage mechanism for data by many users. This is known as cloud computing.

As you may know, the internet works because of its physical mechanism composed mainly of two parts: the servers and the connections between them. This makes it possible for many people to access the servers using their devices. There are other processes and parts that function and make this work, but this is the most basic explanation. Almost like magic, you can visit your favourite social media website, watch cat videos or even stalk your celebrity crush. This body of information known as the internet can all (well, read here to learn more about the forbidden lands of the internet) be accessed by you and the exchange of information happens between users. However, the servers take up so much space that it can increase costs for many businesses and companies. As the usage of technology rises, many businesses double down on their investment and they wonder why they lose so much. These servers are powerful enough to support a multimillion dollar company’s information, but its security can also cause a major issue. These servers are also physical, which can be destroyed easily through sheer force or natural forces like fire.

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Cloud computing takes most of these problems away by creating a virtual space for your files. Imagine a space within a space; an almost different dimension than the one that existed before. But why? It sounds very complicated (and it is, as you can see in this article: and also impractical as it involves a lot of other processes. However, as you have guessed, it is far more economical for your company. Here are the reasons why:

It Is More Affordable Than The Traditional Options

Investing in an IT department for any company drives up cost. As improvements come rapidly, the machines that you buy now may be obsolete the next year. Constantly updating this hardware will make your expenses almost astronomical. Investing in cloud technology will help you to save since they can be upgraded with minimal help or intervention. As long as you have a constant internet connection then you are good to go. It can even save you some space instead of buying large servers to run your company’s software.

It Is Easier To Use

One of the major driving points of many companies to convert into cloud technology is its ease of access for its users. Data that is stored in a physical machine needs a physical mechanism to transfer it, which can be complicated to use. With cloud, you can even have secure remote access to your files. You can easily avail services on the internet like BI on cloud with Right Angle Solutions. Business intelligence is also booming because of cloud technology. Using the data gathered from cloud storage, you can create strategies to attract more customers or users.

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It Is The Way Of The Future

Let’s face it, there is little to no chance of humanity ever going back to the Stone Age. Unless the threat of global warming grows out of control and the melting polar ice caps drown the world, we will still live through the tech age. Being updated with the latest trends in business is the way of the world now. Not doing this is almost considered commercial suicide. There are few companies who did not embrace the technology yet still proved to be successful. Learning the trade will always be in the best interests for you and your company.

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