Collector and Seller’s Guide to Pop Vinyl in Australia

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Australia is a megadiverse country with a landscape that has everything from deserts to tropical rainforests. Yes, it is one of the flattest places on earth, but it also boasts of mountain ranges that will leave you slack-jawed due to its fascinating beauty.

The industries in Australia are varied as well. They have everything from mining and exports to manufacturing and finance. One of the most vibrant sectors in the country is the toy industry.

Pop Vinyl Collectors

Speaking of toys, Australia is home to a lot of Pop Vinyl collectors too. If you are a hobbyist or collector, then you should join the Pop Vinyl Collectors Club of Australia.

If you are looking for quality pop vinyl Australia, there are plenty of sellers to choose from online. But first, you need to figure out which collectible bobblehead will be worth your while. You may also want to read a guide before buying if you are interested.

What Drives Their Value of Pop Vinyl Australia

Scarcity is the primary driver of the value of pop vinyl or bobblehead toys in the country. Note that a lot of the collectible versions of these toys are imported into Australia. But there are plenty of distributors, wholesalers, and also local manufacturers of these bobblehead toys.

Note that there are rare bobblehead releases in Australia as well. Some of them come from local manufacturers, and others are from exporters.

There are rare editions that are, of course, branded as limited edition pops. Their value for local collectors, therefore, is a matter of supply and demand.

Note that some local hobby shops and toy stores in Australia may be privileged enough to get rare releases from time to time. Some of these rare releases coincide with popular movies, events, and other gatherings.

Looking to Sell?

The very first thing that you should do in case you are looking to sell your pop vinyl collection in Australia is to determine how much it is worth. If you are a member of a local collector’s club in Australia, then you can ask around regarding how much they are worth.

You can even strike a bargain with your fellow club members right then and there. Make sure to compare prices and ask for tips about how to price your bobbleheads and pop vinyl toys correctly.

Apart from asking around, another thing that you can do is to use free valuation tools and apps. You can use the Pop Price Guide, which you can find with a simple Google search.

Where to Sell Your Pop Vinyl in Australia

Now, it has already been mentioned that you can sell your collection directly to other Australian collectors through your club. There are other options, as well.

You can try and sell your collection of pop vinyl in Australia to your friends or to the general public online. There are online stores and Australian auction sites that will allow you to post your collection.

And then there is social media. There are online marketplaces on Facebook. However, your reach won’t be as wide, and you won’t be sure if the buyers you will get are actual bobblehead enthusiasts.

You can also join Australian BST groups and try to sell your collectibles there. However, these options also carry some risk. You can get scammed or spammed if the buyer doesn’t appreciate the true value of your collection.

You get the best value for your pop vinyl collection through online auction sites in Australia—but they may cost you a bit. But at least you have a secure and safe option to sell your beloved bobblehead toys.

Image Credits: Anton Danilov

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