Complete Guide To Live Streaming Your Wedding

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Weddings are perfect times when families and friends gather to celebrate a couple’s matrimony. Most people travel miles to participate in the festivities and fun of their loved ones’ weddings. Some try to keep up their social commitments while others are simply there to see their favourite grandkid or niece get married to a person they have decided to spend the rest of their lives with.

The whole process of being involved in the celebration of a wedding is an enjoyable experience for most. However, not everyone can physically make it to every wedding.

Not Everyone Can Make It

There are a host of barriers, like cross-country visa issues, delayed flights, travel restrictions, ill health, or important work commitments. The guests who cannot enjoy it in-person need not feel left out of the wedding ceremonies.

With current-day advanced communication and digital tools, anyone who wants to showcase their wedding on a real-time basis can do so, just like the royals and celebrities around the globe choose to document through live telecasts. So if a person is getting married in Australia, and the parents of the groom are in China all they have to do is search for “wedding live stream Sydney” online, so that relatives in Asia can watch them exchange rings.

Here are some tips for live streaming your wedding:

Professional, Amateur, or DIY Live Streaming

The first thing one would like to do when live streaming their wedding is designate a person exclusively with the task. It helps if you can strike a deal with the professional wedding photographer who is taking your wedding pictures to live-stream the wedding. They often have the equipment and can place the cameras at the right angles, so that the wedding guests are not disturbed.

An amateur with talent can also be considered provided they have the time and patience to handle the work. A DIY set-up can be done by any of your close-knit guests, like siblings or friends. Nonetheless, professional work will look more captivating without blurred-out images or bad camera angles that don’t do enough justice to the video.

Live Streaming Platforms

Free sources like Facebook and YouTube can be considered to live-stream a wedding. However, if you want high-definition images for the virtual guests to make them feel as though they are attending your wedding in person, then it is better to arrange for a live-stream platform. The portals for these platforms can handle multiple logins to accommodate the bandwidth levels.

Equipment for Live Streaming

Technically live streaming can be carried out through a smartphone. However, it is not a practical idea, even for a DIY setup. Weddings are long and have multiple ceremonies that the virtual guests would not like to miss. So, unless you are hiring a professional, consider buying or borrowing a tripod and decent camera which can record live videos and relay the same through free or paid tools. One may do well with even a camera light for showcasing the right angles despite dim lighting.

Coordinate with Venue

The wedding venue can provide the charging and storage places for the equipment for live streaming your wedding. Some venues may require permission for any camerawork and will appreciate advanced planning to avoid last-minute hassles. There are a few venues that don’t allow free photography. So, it is advisable to check with the venue if they agree to the arrangement and if there are any charges one has to pay to shoot with professional equipment and to live-stream the wedding.

Make It Interactive

Remember the live stream of your wedding is there to involve the guests who are not able to attend the wedding. It is possible to make the experience more memorable for them by adding a screen that can display their messages to other family members and guests who can attend the wedding.


Technology has helped cross the barriers in every aspect of life. So why should weddings and happy moments be far behind? Borders and limitations need not be the reason why people cannot participate and celebrate the unison of a couple getting married.

Image Credits: Jeremy Wong Weddings

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