Consider These UK Destinations for Your Next Trip

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Whether you are considering planning a yoga vacation or a city break, there are so many places in the UK that are hidden gems.

Places around the UK can offer a lot more than you might think, regardless of the weather.

If you are looking for a place to go on your next trip, consider these places in the UK.

Beach and city – a great mix

If you are someone that likes to mix up what you do on vacation, then you might be looking for somewhere that can offer both a beach and city-like life. If so, then the perfect place in the UK for that is Brighton. It has a beautiful long stretch of beach and just a few steps away you can find the lanes as well as high streets and city-like life.

In Brighton on a warm summer’s day, you can spend all day on the beach and in the sea. Then, when the weather cools down, you can wander through the lanes for a bite to eat and take in the nightlife.

City life

For those who enjoy city life only, then there are lots of potential places to satisfy your needs in the UK.

Firstly, there’s London. Most people in the world dream of going to London for a trip, which is because it is so diverse and it has so much to offer. You can spend days shopping, wandering around the gorgeous parks, or consuming art in endless museums. It is easy to get around and there is something for everyone.

For more affordable city breaks, there is the option of Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, and Bath. All of which, are quite different. Yet, all can offer the same city feel. Manchester and Liverpool are more metropolitan. While Leeds and Bath (especially Bath) have a much more relaxing and residential feel.

Beach life

Anyone that loves the beach will want to consider heading down to the southwest coast of the UK, to Devon or Cornwall. Here, you can find the UK’s most beautiful beaches.

They can get busy in the warmer months, so be careful what dates you choose. However, they can be equally as serene in the cooler months.

These destinations are also great if you want to get away, even if it isn’t for the beach. They offer a much slower pace of life in comparison to the cities. You could venture on a yoga retreat or simply take a break and wander around the small villages.

Hiking trips

There are plenty of hiking trips on offer in the UK. In England, you have the option of the Yorkshire Dales or the Lake District. In Wales, the Northern corner offers Snowdonia, which is home to some of the UK’s most beautiful walks.

For more adventurous people, there are plenty of highland walks in Scotland. Scotland has much harsher conditions than the rest of the UK, especially in the North. Hence, it is a good idea to plan your trip carefully.

Image Credits: Pierre Blaché

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