Creating a Home Gym – Essential Pieces of Equipment You Cannot Do Without

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You have decided to transform your garage or extra room into your own home gym. There are so many benefits to having your own work out space. Having easy access to a treadmill or dumbbells ensures you get your training done every day at your own convenience. Planning a home gym is important, most of the time you will be stuck for space, so purchasing the right equipment is essential.

Abs Corner

When you design the layout of your gym, you must include an abdominal station. Your abs and core are essential when it comes to exercise, so you must have an area where you can focus on training these muscles. You can buy hanging leg raise machines or ab wheels online at to save space and money. Both of these machines will work your abs and offer you a range of exercise options.

Aerobic Equipment

Purchasing cardiovascular equipment comes down to personal preference. The most common and most popular cardio machines in the gym are usually treadmills and rowers, each of them has its pros and cons.

Treadmills are fun because they offer a range of advanced settings and rowers are excellent for anyone who wants a good quality low impact workout.

If you want to go for something a bit different in your cardio training corner, you can hang a punching bag, install a recumbent bike, or purchase a cross-trainer. All of these are great for giving yourself a good workout.

Resistance Training

When it comes to resistance training, you have two options. You can install a bunch of free weights with a squat rack and bench press, or you can go for a multipurpose resistance machine. If you want to progress and you are an experienced trainer, you will benefit more from the first option.

  • Barbell & Squat Rack – To train your lower body, you will need a squat rack and a barbell. You can do all kinds of exercise for the lower portion of your body with this piece of equipment. Also, the squat rack can be used to perform pull-ups for your back.
  • Bench Press & Barbell – You can train your chest using a bench press and the barbell can also be loaded with weights to help you perform a range of other exercises.
  • Dumbbells – With a little bit of creativity and knowledge, you can successfully perform any basic exercise using dumbbells.

Music Corner

No home gym is complete without a music corner playing upbeat tunes to get you going when you pound the treadmill or hit the weights. Music and exercise make an excellent team as it motivates like no other. It is essential to boost performance and create a satisfying workout.

If you are on a budget or limited when it comes to space, it is still possible to create a functional home gym with all the stations mentioned above. Before committing your time and money to the project, make sure you will use the gym on a regular basis.

Image Credits: Lewis Good

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