Treadmill vs Rowing Machine – Top Rated Home Exercise Equipment Review

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When looking into a piece of exercise equipment from DrenchFit, we often wonder which machines offer the better exercise. Treadmills and Rowing machines offer great aerobic exercises, but some benefits are better than others. When you are debating over the treadmill and the rowing machine make sure to access your needs.

Treadmill Benefits

The treadmill offers users great cardiovascular work outs, with high calorie cutting programs and settings. Treadmills offer users technological advances – such as ways to change settings for inclines and declines. As well as offering Google map trails with street views for running, allowing users to feel as if they are outdoors.

Treadmills allow users the ability to multitask with use of hands such as, being able to work at a computer with a standing desk. Having a standing desk station with a treadmill allows the user to exercise while working which helps with circulation during a normal work day.

Rowing Machine Benefits

Rowing machines are great for core workouts and high calorie burning. With a rowing machine users will work their legs, arms upper back and stomach areas. Although if done wrong can cause injuries to muscles.

Rowing machines are great for experienced exercisers who are used to using multiple muscle groups. As well as those who are trying to help weaker muscle groups such as back and biceps. Rowing machines offer less impact on hip joints and knees allowing for people with arthritis to have an easier time exercising.

Cons of a Treadmill

Treadmills, while offering decent cardio don’t work as many muscle groups as the rowing machine. Treadmills can cause more impact on knees ankle and hip joints. Treadmills can become repetitive to users – even with different programs and settings. Treadmills use the same muscle groups; not offering a core exercise in comparison to that of the rowing machine. Treadmills aren’t as easy for stopping, which brings risk of falling and other serious injuries.

Cons of a Rowing Machine

Rowing machines don’t offer the ability to multitask well with having a “more for core” exercise program. Rowing machines can be more harmful for users than treadmills if used incorrectly. Rowing machines are not as easy to use as a treadmill, as you have posture to worry about. Rowing machines are large and may take up quite a bit of room; they can be louder than treadmills as well.

Concluding Treadmills vs. Rowing Machines

When choosing between a rowing machine and a treadmill think of your current health needs. Think of your own pros and cons for your workouts; this helps to determine which machine to use at the gym. If you plan on buying one of these machines also think about the space and storage of the machine. Some exercise equipment is louder than others which can be a burden. Both machines offer great calorie and cardio workouts.

However, both machines offer different benefits such as; low impact with the rowing machine or easier ability to multitask with the treadmill. If you are healthy and have no pain, both machines can go very well into exercise routines.

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