Mornings a drag? Here’s how to improve your day

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Your morning routine says a lot about you. Do you take your time, applying your makeup with the precision of a keyhole surgeon? Or do you wake up 10 minutes before you start work, eating some half-cooked toast as you run up the road to your office?

We’ve all been guilty of the latter. The insouciant blare of your alarm clock irritates you so much that you batter the snooze button, only to wake up an hour later with the panic of someone who’s been set on fire.

No matter what your morning routine, we’ve found a few ways to improve it. Whether you’re waking up at six or 11am, you can ditch that Neanderthal hair and rushed expression – you’ll be looking far too glamorous to need it.

Go chemical free

You don’t have to be some kind of nature loving hippy to not want chemicals clogging up your shampoos and body washes. But by purchasing high street personal hygiene products, we’re subjecting ourselves to an attack of dodgy chemicals every day.

But with chemical free shampoo and body wash, those pointless additives will be out of your system. After a few washes, you’ll have healthier hair that’ll look sleeker for longer.

Perfect your beauty sleep

No matter how many potions and lotions you use, it’s nigh-on impossible to hide the effects of a poor night’s sleep. You’ll have a groggy face and horrendous bags under your eyes.

So, get your sleeping pattern sorted. The recommended amount of sleep comes in at eight to 10 hours – but that’s easier said than done for some people.

If you’re struggling to grab your 40 winks, avoid using computers or staring at telly screens for a few hours before bed. Instead, read a book or listen to some relaxation CDs. Soon, you’ll be drifting off and away from the stresses of the day.

Switch over your alarm clock

How you wake up can make or break your day, in some cases. Do you, for instance, wake up to the irritating ring of an alarm on your phone? Or does your favourite radio station lull you out of your snooze?

The latter is recommended. Without an annoying ring, you’ll be less likely to press snooze and more likely to gently break out of your kip.

Have brekky prepared

If you’ve slept in, making a hearty breakfast isn’t an option. But it’s the most important meal of the day for a reason, so make yourself prepared.

Create a tantalising brekky before you head to bed in the evening. That way, you can have an extra five minute’s sleep and still find the time to chow down on a nutritious meal.

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