Getting Ready for New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

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The new year is just around the corner, meaning that this is often a time for reflection. We think about the year that has passed and all the things we’ve achieved in 2022. For some of us, our lives will have changed a lot. For others, not so much. Either way, many of us will begin to spend the last few weeks of the year planning out New Year’s resolutions that will help to improve our quality of life going forward. From quitting bad habits to getting into healthier ones, there are endless things that you can do. One area that many of us begin to focus on is our fitness. Improving your fitness can improve your strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and various other elements of your life, improving your wellness and wellbeing one step at a time. Here are a few things you can do to prepare for these changes!

Choose Your Fitness

The best way to achieve exercise goals is to find a form of exercise that you can get behind. There’s no point forcing yourself to do something you absolutely hate when you need to keep this up for 150 minutes a week, every week. Instead, choose something you can look forward to enjoy, or at least don’t despise. There are countless forms of fitness out there. You can take out a gym membership. You can look at home gym equipment for sale if you prefer to work out at home. You can join a sports team if you like a social element incorporated into your fitness, or if you’re competitive. You can swim or try water aerobics if you like being in the water. You can check out guided fitness classes in your area if you like to be shown what to do and work out in a group setting. You could hire a personal trainer if you have very specific goals, want to see results as quickly as possible, or if you need extra motivation to actually turn up to your workout sessions. No matter what, there will be a form of exercise for you out there!

Set Realistic Goals with Milestones

You need to be realistic with your fitness goals and milestones. You can’t decide that you want to go from being overweight to highly muscular in just one year. You can make a lot of progress, but you need to be realistic with timescales. You don’t want to go from no exercise at all to daily, intense exercise, as this is unsustainable and you will burn yourself out. You can’t go from never running to completing a marathon in just one month. Look for guidance on timescales and set yourself genuinely achievable milestones. This will help to keep you on track and will ensure that you can stay motivated!

Hopefully, each of the pieces of advice above should help you on your path to better health through improved fitness. Each can really guide you in the right direction, so take some time to work on them and incorporate them into your schedule and ongoing routine!

Image Credits: Philip Ackermann

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