5 Social Media Stars Who Could Inspire You in Your Get-fit Efforts

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Over lockdown it seems that people have fallen into two camps: Those who have cut themselves some slack by comfort eating and embracing their new-found curves, and those who have thrown themselves full-throttle into the home-fitness routine and have emerged mighty trim and healthy. If you fell into the first camp and feel horrified that the buttons on your jeans no longer do up, maybe it’s time to get fit and eat a little healthier.

If only you could get off the couch and look up from your phone, right? Well, maybe what you need is a little inspiration from social media… Here are our favourite fitness stars:

Cassey Ho, LA

Cassey has come far since she started posting her Pilates workouts online in 2009 for her students. With 1.3 million Instagram followers, her workouts and her brand are popular all across the world. The next time you’re aimlessly scrolling through the social media platform, why not type her name into the search bar for some inspiration?

Lyzabeth Lopez, Canada

If you need some ‘get up and go’, check out Lyzabeth Lopez. Keeping it authentic is key to her success, and people love her Hourglass Workout and the fact she doesn’t promote an array of questionable products, like most influencers. Looking enviably lean yet curvy, just one look at Lyzabeth should spark some fitness fire within you.

Joe Wicks, UK

The world’s favourite PE teacher, all-round cheeky chap and genuinely nice guy, Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach makes it quick and easy to get fit and eat well. Based on HIIT training and simple yet filling 15-minute meals, Joe’s realistic take on getting fit makes him the friendly face of fitness. Why not check him out?

Chrissy Teigen, LA

Best known for her acerbic wit on social media (and her gorgeous husband and kids), Chrissy started out with a career in modelling and hasn’t let becoming a mother stop her from working out. She’s an advocate for ‘a bit of what you fancy (to eat) does you good’, but primarily cooks wholesome family meals.

Julianne Hough, LA

Everyone who likes to turn up the music and boogie in their kitchen can rest assured that it counts as proper exercise, thanks to Julianne. Winner of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, she shows that dancing works every part of your body and can have a monumental impact on your fitness levels. Combined with her regime of clean eating most of the week, followed by a realistic day off, we could all benefit from getting on board with Julianne’s approach.

Looking and feeling the part

While it’s probably not realistic to try to look like a social media fitness star overnight, wearing clothes that make you look like someone who’s taking their fitness journey seriously could very well help you feel like that person too. Hopefully you’re in this for the long haul, so get yourself some high quality tracksuits from a company like The Gym King  that you can wear while working out as well as looking good.

If reading this wasn’t enough inspiration for you, why not set up your workout track list and make your meal-plan for the week? Then stop scrolling and start moving!

Image Credits: Ketut Subiyanto

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