Salt Lake City Utah 3D Printing – How is it Effective for Prosthetics?

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“It isn’t what happened to us that mattered, it was about how we responded to it”

This is a thought provoking statement by a survivor of the Hiroshima bomb blast, an incident that caused so much havoc during the second world war.

As will be unveiled in this article, this is the mindset of many amputees, prosthetics makers, and clinical science practitioners. This positive stance has triggered many developments in this sector and the use of 3D Printing for Prosthetics is absolute proof of this. This is especially so considering the improved cost as well as other benefits.

In this article, we will discuss why anyone would need it, as well as some benefits that can be gained from making that choice.

If you want to know more about this development, then you can stay tuned as we discuss this subject in some detail.

What are Prosthetics?

These refer to artificial attachments to the body, used to make up for the loss or absence of one of more body parts. As history has shown, its functionality has improved over time.

There was a time when prosthetics did no more than hide the apparent missing body part. As things are, the situation is very different. This is extent of functionality is especially determined by the kind of artificial attachment opted for. The best of these attachments can even be mind controlled.

This is a massive feat in the bid to make the lives of amputees all over the world better. In light of this, let us go over situations that may warrant the use of these artificial attachments.

What are the Situations that Warrant the Use of 3D Custom-made Prosthetics?

Listed and briefly explained below are some of the situations that may warrant the use of this attachment.

Victims of Occupational Hazard

Some occupations have certain dangers and uncertainties associated with them. These can be regarded as occupational hazards. One can easily think of soldiers who go to war and some return without a limp or more.

In the line of duty, people lose body parts such as their hands, limbs, legs etc. These people can benefit immensely from 3D prosthetics.

What this means is that they do not have to worry about being redundant for the rest of their lives. This is proven by how people with 3D custom-made options are accomplishing astonishing feats. The likes of Oscar Pistorius is proof of this.


For many people, it is neither about an occupational hazard nor a genetic complication. It is just about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. These are life-changing experiences these persons will never forget.

Well, with custom prosthetics, especially a 3D designed one, life does not have to be filled with regret. Many beneficiaries of these artificial attachments do not see themselves as disabled. This is because they are not. They actually do all sorts of stuff with their artificial attachment.

So, whether it a limb, finger, hand, or a more sensitive body part that got amputated, hope can be kept alive.

Health Complications

Some ailments can result in the amputation of a body part either because it was addressed too late or it is currently way beyond the understanding of medical sciences. For people who go through the process, the use of a 3D custom prosthetics can come handy.

This will help them go about their normal lives as much as is realistically possible. Talking about what is realistically possible, a drummer who lost his hands still drums with a prosthetic hand. In fact, he is able to do the seemingly impossible as perceived by the guy with two hands.

There is no limit to what can be achieved with a 3D custom-made prosthetic.

Congenital Disorder

In layman’s term, this refers to persons who were born without specific body parts. These can usually be traced to genetics.

Without the aid of these attachments, people in this category may never experience the pleasure of carrying out mobile actions. This explains the enormous benefits of this attachment.

It is a lifesaver for many people who need a chance to a semblance of normalcy in life.

Benefits of 3D Printed Custom-made Prosthetics

Woman running with prosthetic

Below are some of the benefits of opting for a 3D printed custom-made option.

It Is Cost-Effective

There are tons of people who need prosthetics. However, they cannot afford the bill that comes with the process. Many do not have the sort of insurance package that can take care of the bills.

Depending on the severity of the amputation and part involved, the process cost between $5000 to about $50000.

A myoelectric prosthetic, for example, can cost somewhere around $42,000. This is clearly beyond the reach of many persons and families.

Well, the good news is that the 3D option offers so much but costs way less. In a particular video, a $100 self-constructed 3D prosthetics was able to achieve what a $42,000 myoelectric attachment could do. You can imagine the massive difference in the price.

It Is Precision Based

The world of prosthetics is evolving every day with great innovations. A while back, developing these attachments required a lot of trial and error. This was largely because of how manual castings were made and refabricated.

Well, it gets a lot better with 3D. This is because it makes use of computerized scanning and an inch-perfect design approach. It factors in every detail as noticed in the scan, leaving no stone unturned while designing the attachment.

A Speedy Way to go About Prosthetics

Of course, some alternatives are great at delivering right on time. However, compared to the manual fabrication of these artificial attachments, 3D printing speeds up the process.

Depending on the resources available, in a short while, the amputees can get the needed parts ready.

Safe and Healthy

The FDA has regulations guiding the use of 3D for medical purposes. To know more about this, you can click here. In line with these regulations, 3D can be said to be generally safe and healthy. This is especially the case if the items used in the computerized fabrication are not toxic. Given this, it is safe to say 3D is one of the safest alternatives.


For the many individuals concerned about the exorbitant cost of getting prosthetics, there is good news. As seen in the article, 3D printing offers so much but costs way less than many other alternatives. Are you in need of this attachment?

You should seriously consider getting one of these. However, you should ensure that the raw materials used in making the fabrication are safe for use. This is why working with a company that ensures the use of safe materials in its production of prosthetics is important.

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