The “It” Accessory of 2020: Where to Get Quality Face Masks

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The year 2020 has become a year for the history books. COVID-19 has transformed societies of the world to adjust to new measures in how you work, interact, and spend time with each other. Because COVID-19, a strain of coronavirus, spreads so quickly and can do so unknowingly without showing any sort of symptoms, it is important that people take the necessary precautions in order to help reduce and prevent its transmission as much as possible. One of the ways in which people are able to help is through wearing a mask.

Main Benefit of Masks

Masks help combat the spread of COVID-19 through preventing viruses and bacteria from being transmitted through particles spread from your mouths. Masks don’t necessarily stop all particles from entering your nose and mouth but are more effective in keeping your own fluids from spreading. This means that in order for communities to remain safe and healthy, everyone must do their part and wear a mask. It requires a collective effort and those that selfishly choose not to wear a mask are dangerously putting others at risk. Wearing your mask means that you care about the health of others.

Masks for Health Care Workers

There are different masks made for different reasons that have various levels of protection and preventative qualities. N95 respirator masks, for example, provide the greatest protection and filter out the smallest particles. True N95 masks are designed specifically for the wearer as they are tailored to fit a person’s face to ensure the best seal. Surgical masks, the ones that are colored white and blue, are effective for health care workers to protect against larger droplets that come from sick people who are coughing and sneezing. They are, however, not as effective at blocking all the particles. These two types of masks should be reserved for those working in healthcare as they are responsible for taking care of the general public and are most at risk. Neither of these masks is made to be reused, and should typically be disposed of at the end of the day.

Quality Masks for Non-Health Care Workers

For those that are not working on the front lines and in health care, cloth masks do a sufficient job in keeping yourself and others protected. It is best to find a mask that has at least two layers of fabric or material. You want to own or use a mask that also allows you to tighten the top portion where the bridge of the nose is in order to create a seal, and ensure that the rest of the mask is properly fitted. It is also beneficial to have a pocket within the mask if you would like to insert a filter for added protection.

Face mask in hands

With all the information regarding the importance and usefulness of several types of masks, here are some options in regards to where you can attain masks for your needs.

Make Your Own

A lot of people have taken to making their own masks for friends and families during the pandemic. Many have been at home looking for ways to put their skills to use and be helpful, and some of those people have decided that making masks is a great way to spend their time. It is very easy to make your own with a multitude of tutorials and videos on exactly how to make a mask that fits properly, does a sufficient job in protecting you, and also looks great. The only limit in terms of the design options for your mask is the fabric choices available and your own creativity.

Local Shops or Designers

If you don’t have the patience or the talent to make yourself a mask, there are plenty of buying options with so many skilled people making them. Individuals in your community are likely creating masks for places that have needed them during difficult times of supply shortages, and since governments inform people that homemade masks are not sufficient protection for healthcare workers, the cloth masks made are available for the public. If you don’t know anyone specifically designing and making masks in your area, you can look for local shops on your local online craft directories. These accessories are often hand-made and purchasing these masks goes a long way in supporting local artists, designers, and entrepreneurs.

Big Box Stores and Online Retailers

If you are looking for somewhere more convenient to purchase quality masks, a lot of retailers provide you options for the masks you are looking for. You can choose between different designs and brands, all with varying price ranges to find the right mask for you. The experts from understand that this is the option that most people are going to be looking for masks as these masks can be made or purchased in bulk to sell to the general public. Even stores and services that don’t typically focus on the retail of masks have jumped on the opportunity to provide consumers the products they are looking for.

Luxury Brands

Many brands have shifted and incorporated their businesses to adapt to the current changes in the world. With retail taking quite a hit in terms of fashion giants, different companies have had to be creative. Some of the larger and well-established brands have looked to take advantage of the pandemic and see it as a market in which they can capitalize on. With their access to a lot of resources, technologies, and materials, they have shifted their means of production to incorporate masks and are able to add their logos and brands to create products with an air of quality synonymous with their names.

The year 2020 has brought on a lot of change. Many people and businesses have had to adapt in different ways. Masks are a necessary accessory in order to ensure that people are safe and healthy, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be plain and devoid of style. You can incorporate fashion within functionality and it is important that people see and encourage health to be much more than a trend or fad.

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