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Building your own PC is easier now compared to several years before. It’s all thanks to the proliferation of great manufacturers, producing components that help crank up the performance of your old desktop buddy. Right now, when we talk about building a gaming PC, it’s more about putting together something that can handle most Triple-A gaming titles at 1080p or 1440p resolution, and a frame rate that’s consistently higher than 60 fps. So why do we need to outline these specs? Well, anything below them, a good modern laptop can already handle. We’ve already advanced in terms of performance that we’re not building just so you could play on it on medium settings. We’re aiming for the best performing PC, and that’s what we’re going to build today.

If you’re not well versed in hardware and specs of these components, you can rely on a good PC builder like Inside Tech. They will source the hardware for you, make sure that you get top-of-the-line parts for your dream rig, and will ensure optimum performance for all these parts. Once it’s delivered to your doorstep, all you need to do is plug it in, boot it up, and play anything you want.

It’s best to start by getting the best graphics card you can afford, as this really makes or breaks a gaming rig. Once you have that, you can build around it, stretching your budget on components that will boost the performance of your computer. Don’t be stingy with a bigger, faster SSD, as well as a quicker CPU. These parts really pay-off in the long-run, especially if you’re planning to hoard games from Steam sales. You’ll definitely need something sizable to store all your purchases. Ask any gamer and they’ll tell you that a sizable storage is always a good buy.

Don’t skimp on the peripherals. Some people build their PCs to the fullest, but don’t bother getting the best peripherals to match their rig. They’ve invested a lot of money on the innards of their computer, but feel that they don’t really have to spend much on other stuff. If you want the best gaming experience, get a high-refresh monitor. This helps you a lot, especially with fast-paced games like deathmatch shooting games and RPGs.

A good mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse combo is imperative, especially if you really want to be at the level of the best online gamers today. A good mouse and keyboard helps with your mobility and performance. Not to mention, these good components also have good ergonomics for a relatively pain-free gaming sessions that could span to a couple of hours each time.

Building your own PC gives you total control over the components that you want to put in your machine. This is perfect if you are after performance, especially if you are playing a lot of competitive online games. If you don’t want to be left out by the competition, don’t skimp on any of the parts. Get the best gaming experience by getting a custom-built PC from a reliable builder today.

Image Credits: Alexandre Debiève

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