Why Do Some Desktop Computers Get Refurbished?

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If you’re looking to upgrade your office computers, you’ve likely seen the harsh truth: Buying new computers can be extremely expensive. But in today’s world, your business can’t afford to not have fast and functional technology.

Luckily, there’s another option for you and your staff. Refurbished desktop computers are affordable, sustainable, and could help you and your team achieve your goals.

There are some preconceived notions about refurbished desktops, particularly when it comes to their performance. But the truth is, refurbished computers work just as well as brand new ones.

Let’s go over what exactly goes into refurbishing a desktop.

First of all, refurbished can mean that an item was previously owned and/or used. It can also mean that someone purchased an item, took it home, realized it wasn’t what they wanted and returned it. Refurbished can also mean the item was overstock inventory at one point.

It essentially means the system is no longer able to be sold as new and is instead being sold at a discounted price. Refurbished machines are usually repaired as necessary and are tested by the seller to ensure they perform as well as a new one.

So when it comes to power, you don’t need to spend full price for something new. Some refurbished computers that were used by other businesses have been put through rigorous training and upgrading and are capable of handling a lot more than you’d think. If you’re looking for a desktop computer that’s capable of handling today’s high-speed technology, don’t shy away from refurbished options — they’re likely not as different from a brand new computer as you might think.

When it comes to cost, though, the price tags on refurbished computers can look very different. In fact, they can cost around 50% less than their newer counterparts, making it a popular option for small- and medium-sized businesses working on a tight budget. And should you want to upgrade on specific features like a hard drive rather than an entire machine, buying refurbished can help with that.

Buying refurbished can also help with any green efforts you and your office are pursuing. Each year, tons of computers and other electronics are thrown away, and the material can take thousands of years to decompose. Sustainability is becoming more and more important to today’s consumers, and they understand how serious of a threat e-waste can be to an ecosystem. Going with refurbished desktop computers keeps that harmful material out of landfills and helps reduce the cycle of waste.

Understanding why a desktop computer is refurbished will hopefully ease any concerns you might have. They’re affordable and can do everything a brand new one can. If you’re still uneasy, the best things you can do to ensure the quality of your machines is to do a little research and make sure your seller offers a warranty and technical support. Once you’ve cleared those, you’re well on your way to an office-wide upgrade.

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