5 Best Automotive Trends In 2018 You Need To Look Out For

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There are huge numbers of changes coming to the automotive business this year, as the world continues to change, and people to change with it. Some of this change is due to innovation and research, but some of it is also due to the way in which society is changing to allow for more lax attitudes towards work, and a more globalised society. These changes are both good and bad for the industry.

Decline in Sales

Car and automotive sales used to be huge, even a few years earlier in the decade, with people predicting that they would rise to as much as twenty million sales annually by this year. What has in fact happened is that sales have continually fallen, with this year now predicted to see an all-time low – the lowest since the Great Recession, in fact. These declining sales mean that the automotive industry must be prepared to weather difficult times in 2018.

Car Pooling is Growing More Popular

Partly due to growing concerns about the environment, but mostly because of the growth of such online companies as Uber and Lyft, which both foster car sharing and cheaper car hiring. Car pooling has therefore become the accepted way of getting around, to the point where the normal taxis have now become a rarity. There is talk of the taxi industry dying off, which may or may not have overreaching effects for the automotive industry in general.

Electric Vehicles will be King

When it comes to electric cars and other vehicles, our proficiency is rapidly increasing. We are now at the point of seriously considering introducing electric cars (at least) to the roads at large, since we are fairly sure of our abilities. Electric cars will not make the automotive industry fade away, but they do represent some major changes for it, both in the type of cars being made, and in the way that people approach them.

Alternative Means of Transportation

The economy means that many people are now seeking alternative means of transportation, such as the West Coast Scooter. With more and more people turning to these ways of getting around, there are fewer people buying cars and using other aspects of the automotive industry, which will eventually lead to detrimental effects for it. With less people turning to cars to get around, eventually the industry will have to change.

The Customer is Always Right

This is not always true, but the automotive industry has to start following other industries in putting the customer squarely at the centre of their operations. Other industries have been doing this for a while now, starting with their advertising, and the more successful proponents of it have been setting records with repeat custom. The customer centred approach has shown us that customers prefer options which allow them the greatest control and convenience possible. In the automotive industry this may translate to allowing people to buy cars without needing to experience a dealership.

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