Neaten Up Your Home and Vehicle With 5 Quick Upgrades

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As time goes by your home and car can undergo a relative amount of wear and tear, from the flooring to the general paintwork. Now and again it’s important to give parts of your home and vehicle a little bit of tender loving care so that you can stay on top of your general home maintenance. There are a number of quick and simple upgrades you can do to your home, and they are all budget-friendly. If you’re wondering how to get started on your quick and simple upgrades, here are a handful of ideas to consider.

Vehicle Flooring

When the carpet in your vehicle is regularly used it can easily become faded and torn. Investing in a brand-new carpet isn’t always feasible so you may want to find an affordable solution to help you in the interim. You may want to replace your original worn out carpet with a PVC floor mat, which is molded to the exact profile of the floor plan of your vehicle. You can easily install this yourself and you can match the original color of your flooring exactly.


The paintwork around your home, or on your car may need the occasional touch up to create a neater finish. For example, the skirting boards around your hallway or your bathroom doors may need a lick of fresh white gloss to bring them back to life again!

Soft Furnishings

Upgrading the soft furnishings in your home is the ideal way to give specific rooms a quick and easy upgrade. Instead of using the same old cushion covers you have always had, you may want to invest in some new patterns or designs. This will give your living space a brand-new lease of life without breaking the bank.

Garden Tidy Up

Tidying up your garden doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. Your lawn may need a simple dose of weed and feed to bring it back to life again after a harsh winter. Plant some beautifully bright flowers in outdoor clay pots and your garden will look as good as new with minimal effort.

Front Door Makeover

You can completely transform the way the exterior of your home looks with a front door makeover. A plain oak brown door isn’t always going to cut it in the modern world, so why not think outside the box and make a statement? Whether you’re a pastel sort of person or you love a bold and bright shade, there are so many different ideas to explore when creating your new front door aesthetic.

When you take the time to make these small and simple upgrades in and around your home, the overall outcome will be impressive. Not only will you save yourself a whole host of big jobs along the way, but you can spread out the tasks in priority order so that you cover the most important ones first. Whether you need to upgrade your soft furnishings or you need a simple garden tidy up, these ideas should help you to create some effective home and vehicle upgrades this year.

Image Credits: Max Vakhtbovych

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