Dangerous Drives in the UK

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The UK is a land filled with different terrains, so whether you want to take a peaceful drive or are looking to test your vehicle’s limits, there’s something for everyone. In this post, we will take a look at the UK’s most dangerous drives and provide some top tips on how you can enjoy them safely.

According to research undertaken by LeaseCarUK, the most dangerous road in the UK is the B576 in Northamptonshire, which saw 59 casualties in 2018! Although this may be the most dangerous drive, in terms of driving accidents, we will look at the roads on which you can enjoy a risky drive and revel in the amazing scenery.

Isle of Arran Coastal Road, Scotland

This drive is one of the best for leisure it is 56-miles of pure delight. Take in views of the sea, highlands, and lowlands all in one drive. If you fancy a walk, you can also enjoy that here too. It really does have everything.

Cheddar to Ashwick, Somerset, England

This cut through the Mendip Hills is one of the prettiest drives in England. The road is fantastic for cruising, so sit back, chill, and enjoy the ride—if you’re a passenger, that is!

Black Mountain Pass, Wales

This is known as the ‘Top Gear Road’ and has featured in several car magazines. The road can be driven from south to north, but for the best experience, try driving from north to south. Be sure to slow down and take in the vast views and make a stop at Carreg Cennen Castle. The main area to watch out for on this road is the Tro Gwew, a part of the road known as ‘cuckoo turn’.

Top Tips for Driving Safely

Being the driver puts a lot of responsibility in your hands as you are in control and must stay alert in order to keep you, your passengers, and other road users safe. There are certain rules of the road that you should already know all about, such as sticking to the speed limit and keeping your eyes on the road, but there are some other things you could be doing to become an even safer driver.

Plan Your Route

This may be obvious, but that doesn’t mean everyone does it and when experiencing these dangerous drives, it is vital you know exactly where you are going so that you can enjoy the ride. Now, it is easier than ever to plan your route. With AA Route Planner, Sat Nav, and Google Maps to choose from, there’s really no excuse.

Check Your Vehicle

Some of these routes can be tricky so you want to be prepared, this means checking your vehicle’s tyres, oil, and water before taking to the road.

Prepare Yourself

Prepare yourself for multiple eventualities by packing food, drinks, water, a first aid kit, a car safety kit and a phone charger. These can all come in handy and give you peace of mind as you go on your drive.

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