De-Stressing Your Life

Everyone can understand the stress of having a 9 to 5 job or being in full time education. So here are some tips on relieving stress and enjoying a nice evening after work:

Read a book or watch a film

Preferably something you’ve already read or seen. Repetition can be good for you, especially when watching films because it’s predictable, and you don’t have to work hard to figure out the ending. Try watching something light-hearted; laughing will help to keep away the post-workday blues. Time to break out those DVDs! So what will it be: Pretty Woman or Harry Potter?

Get someone else to cook

Whether you live with your mates or your spouse, take a break and get them to make dinner for you once in a while. Personally, I enjoy it when my other half makes me yummy comfort food, like fajitas or chilli. Take turns and do it for them to (don’t we all want to be pampered every once in a while?). Everyone knows that food tastes better when someone else has cooked it for you. Or if you all want to be able to chill, why not get some take out?


I’m not saying you should break out the Twister or Monopoly, but try something that doesn’t take too much effort. Try doing a Sudoku or word search. These will help you wind down each evening. Jigsaw puzzles are also great, but if you don’t have the room you might want to try something online- card games and bingo are always enjoyable options. For a good time, try for no deposit bingo at houseofbingo.

Keep a journal

Write down all of the terrible things that happen to you each day. Letting it out is always helpful and I can guarantee that you’ll feel better. Once you’ve written it down, close your journal and leave your stresses there. There’s no point in dragging it out and letting them ruin the rest of your day.

Home spa treatment

Everyone feels less stressed after a nice bath or a shower. Try adding bubble bath to the water, something scented. Scents such as lavender and vanilla have been known to help people unwind. Give yourself a facial and invest in some body scrub and other nice things. Have a cup of chamomile tea; it can be very relaxing. Just kick back and enjoy!

Go to bed earlier

Going to bed earlier will not only make you feel a lot more refreshed in the morning, it also helps you wind down at night. You don’t have to do anything, just lie down, close your eyes and daydream. You can adjust your room to help you fall asleep. For example, if it’s too dark, add some fairy lights and if it’s too bright, buy a sleeping mask. Adjust the temperature to make you feel comfortable.

These are just few tips on being stress free! If you have any ideas on how to relax and enjoy your free time, then let us and the rest of our readers know in the comments section.

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8 years ago

Practicing meditation or mindfulness also helps to destress. And in addition to writing down the bad things that happened and closing the book, keep a separate journal and write down things you were thankful for on that day.