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This is not another boring, average, useless newsletter meant to convince you of traveling to a country/region you never heard of (not in a good way anyway), nor a marketing tool meant to convince you to throw your money away, change three airplanes, rock your kidney stones on some typical infrastructure, turn into a pork-lover (appetizer, soup and main course; vegans have a hard life here), easing all that with homemade wine and a sweet, strong, flavored extract from plums (adults only), figure out directions by using your hands, the sun and your shadow, relying on gut, hints and guessing, being wowed by scenery, the above mentioned food, all pork inclusive and the people who will address you as one of their own, disregarding the language barrier or any personal space while you will never understand a word they say yet trust them with your life. This is an invitation and a challenge.

I am Maria and together with Alex, we are Book a Guide in Transylvania.

At some point in our 30s we had a businesswise ‘now or never’ moment; so we applied for European funds for small entrepreneurs having one thing in mind: Transylvania.

Yes, you might have heard of it: Dracula, vampires, blood and garlic. That’s the small screen Hollywood version. The real 3D one is waiting for you to book it:

Transylvania doesn’t have it all: no pristine beaches, no inland see, no top of the notch sky resorts, no main European airports connection; you’ll be far from Singapore, Maldives, Paris or Lisbon; what it does have is Authenticity, three in one cultures, a slow rhythm, slow paced Latin language and a way of doing things, a way of life intact for 200 years, immune to technology, entwined with Nature-its Queen, its God, its Ruler.

Depending on what your inner self is made of, Transylvania will entice, bewilder, awaken, disgust, shock, mesmerize, absorb, welcome, enthral, become you. No need to pay for therapy, counselling hours, spiritual awakening, tarot reading no more. Transylvania will sort you out. Take the invitation, embrace the challenge!

Book a guide in Transylvania

Image Credits: Nomadic Julien

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