Packing for a Sailing Trip: Important Things To Bring Along

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When planning the perfect summer vacation, there are tons of excellent places to go, and these range from Los Cabos in Mexico and even Newport in Rhode Island to sailing the seas of Greece with 12 Knots Sailing Club.

That said, if you choose to rent a yacht and go sailing for your next summer vacation, then you might be wondering what you should bring along. Just as particular items are specifically essential when going on a camping trip, the same is relevant when sailing.

And to help simplify the effort of packing for you, we have listed some of the more important things you should pack in for your upcoming sailing experience.

Lightweight Clothing

Because you’ll be sailing the open ocean, you’ll be pretty exposed to sunlight. And thankfully, gone are the days of believing tanning oils and hours in the sun were trending, a lot more light has been shed on the importance of skin health.

So, while bringing enough sun lotion along is probably a given, you should also pack in lightweight clothing to ensure you are comfortable. Lightweight clothing such as flowy dresses, tank tops, comfy shorts, and breezy pants are ideal for sailing.

Wind Protection

It can get pretty windy when sailing on the ocean as well, so packing in a pullover, a windbreaker, or a cardigan is also vital as some level of protection from the wind.

Pack For Potential Bad Weather

Just in case of lousy weather, you should also bring a rain jacket, a tracksuit, or warmer, comfortable clothing in case of chilly evenings. You don’t have to overdo it when packing for potential bad weather. Still, it is always best to be prepared for any weather conditions to stay comfortable throughout your summer vacation.

Soft Sole Shoes

Sailing is not entirely a fashion show, so packing in heels or other formal or elegant shoes is not the best idea. Comfort is key to an enjoyable sailing experience, so soft sole shoes are the best option when packing in footwear.

A Hat And Sun Protection

As mentioned above, you will need enough suitable sun lotion to keep your skin safe from burning. You won’t want to get heatstroke while sailing, as this is a quick way to ruin the experience. The symptoms of heat stroke include headache, dizziness, a rapid pulse, and usually follow the symptoms of heat exhaustion and dehydration.

In addition to sunscreen, you should pack in a hat that will protect both your face and your neck from the sun.

A Travel First Aid Kit

It’s always a wise decision to pack in a travel-sized first aid kit for a vacation; whether you will be camping, sailing, or sightseeing in a foreign country, anything can happen.

And because you can purchase these easily with all the contents you’ll need, there’s no reason to opt out. That said, you should consider packing in any additionals you might need, such as medications, antibiotics, and additional skincare products.

When packing for your sailing trip, you should consider the general weather expectations for the time of your stay to pack accordingly. But even so, you should still pack for unpredictable weather conditions as well.

Image Credits: Ian Keefe

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