5 U.S. Cities to Visit During the Spring

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The weather has finally started to warm up enough where you leave the house without a coat on. Flowers have started to bloom, filling the air with a carefree feeling. You wake up every morning to the distant sound of birds chirping. It’s springtime, and life feels good again.

Spring is undeniably one of the best seasons. And with the warm weather and happy energy comes the desire to travel. You really can’t go wrong with any destination during the spring, but there are certain cities that are known to be particularly special during the spring months. If you’re feeling like going on a trip once the weather starts to warm up, check out these 5 U.S. cities to visit during the spring:

1. Key West, Florida

If you want a taste of tropical life without actually leaving the mainland U.S., check out Key West in Florida. With paper white sands and crystal clear blue water, you will feel like you’re on a tropical island, thousands of miles away. Aside from just basking in the sun and taking a dip in the ocean, you can go snorkeling, parasailing, or even go on a stunning sunset cruise when you book your activities through Fury Water Adventures. Florida is a very popular tourist destination in the springtime, but Key West is more removed from the rest of the state, so it’s a perfect place to go for a relaxing vacation with family.

2. Denver, Colorado

While Denver is usually traveled to in the winter for skiing and snowboarding, it’s also absolutely gorgeous in the spring. Between all the different hikes and botanical gardens, Denver is definitely the place for the outdoorsy. For affordable airfare, use BookingBuddy flights to Denver, which will find the best deals for you. Traveling during spring doesn’t have to be expensive!

3. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe is an underrated U.S. city that is especially gorgeous in the springtime. In March and April, Santa Fe is known for its outdoor weekend markets, where you can buy the work of local artists. You can also check out the plethora of museums located throughout the city, like the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum. Consider taking some time to learn about the area’s rich Native American culture and history during your stay.

4. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee

If you’re looking for a city with a strong music influence, Nashville might just be the place for you to visit this spring. Aside from just music, Nashville has a lot to offer. Catch a live performance at the Grand Ole Opry, browse the Country Music Hall of Fame, and grab a drink (or five) at one of the many bars downtown. And if you’re short on time and want to see the whole city in one go, check out a Nashville trolley city tour.

5. Washington, D.C.

Nothing says spring more than being surrounded by beautiful flowers everywhere, which is exactly what Washington, D.C. looks like during the National Cherry Blossom Festival. In addition to taking a couple of hours just to stare at the cherry blossoms, there is a ton to do in D.C. There are countless museums and art galleries, not to mention the history that is embedded in the city.

There’s truly no better time to travel than the spring. It’s warm enough that you can do things comfortably outside, but not too hot that you will be sweating the entire day. Spring is definitely a popular time to travel, so make sure you book your flights early to ensure you find affordable airfare. Just about anywhere is pretty during the spring, but these 5 destinations should definitely have a place on your list.

Image Credits: Lance Asper, Domingo Trejo

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