3 Reasons Why Travel Insurance Might Just Save Your Life

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Travel insurance is not something that people think about right away while planning a trip, but what most of us do not realise is how important and vital it can be in emergency situations. Once you take the time to think about the possible consequences of not having travel insurance as you wander around in a foreign country, you will realise that travel insurance might just end up saving your life! To understand how this can indeed be the scenario, let’s go through a few urgent scenarios that travellers often find themselves in.

Health Insurance Against Severe Injuries

Stories of people breaking bones, getting severely injured or even passing away on their adventure trips across the world are nothing new and yet we often totally forget about the possibility of such accidents in our adrenaline rush.

In case you opted for a safer, more traditional holiday, accidents involving vehicles are still a possibility you need to think about, especially in countries like Thailand or China, where several hundred people get injured or die every day due to road accidents. Even when you can afford the medical expenses on your own, the question is, how will you have access to your money while lying on a hospital bed? Family and friends might be able to help when you are not traveling alone but transferring money from one country to another is often a time-consuming affair and further adds to the total medical expense in the form of taxes and currency conversion charges. Although travel insurance will not be able to prevent your accident, it will make sure that should you suffer a severe injury in a country where no one knows you, you will never lack the funds necessary to get the treatment required.

Health Insurance Against Severe Illnesses

If you are not the rock climbing or mountain biking type and prefer to keep your adventures limited to the safer city roads, you are still not entirely safe either. Water and airborne infections, viral infections, contracted diseases, etc. are all possibilities when you are venturing into foreign territory. Something as common and as deadly as malignant malaria or some forms of dengue fever can and often do kill tourists in days unless it is treated quickly. One can get infected with these from basically anywhere in the world, although African and Asian countries are more infamous for mosquito-borne diseases. Travel insurance can, once again, be the difference between timely treatment and medical negligence in such scenarios.

Emergency Evacuation Will No Longer Be a Problem

Some of the most picturesque locations in the world are in remote locations and while that is excellent news for those that are looking to find peace in solitude, if something does go wrong, such remote areas usually do not have medical facilities that can be considered good enough to handle true life-threatening injuries or illnesses. By getting travel insurance from Staysure.co.uk, you can rest assured that the carrier will take care of all your emergency evacuation expenses and you will be able to get yourself and/or the injured individual/individuals back to the UK for the best possible treatment. It’s also worth noting, if there is an expert in the next country at a hospital that we’d be able to deal with then a travel insurer provider could evacuate the person to that acceptable facility. Aside from covering medical emergencies, a comprehensive plan from Staysure even covers baggage loss, cash loss, holiday cancellation costs, and legal expenses coverage in a foreign country.

The theory behind getting travel insurance works on the principle of “it is better to be safe than sorry,” and since insurance can very well be the difference between life and death, it would not be an exaggeration to state that going to a foreign country nowadays without travel insurance is just plain negligent. If you want to save on your insurance costs, simply opt for single trip travel insurance, but do be thorough in insuring everyone in your family or friendship group before embarking on your next adventure.

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