Fantastic Reasons to Holiday on the Gulf of Thailand

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You’ve just got home from work through some dreadful weather and need cheering up. You were sat with colleagues during your lunch break this afternoon, talking was about holidays. One of them had just returned from a holiday in Thailand and it’s been on the back of your mind all afternoon. A break there would most certainly cheer you up.

Kicking back, you start looking at how much it will cost on your phone. Yeah, that’s okay as it’s in your price range. Then of course there are so many options for you to choose, or perhaps you might want to see a more than one place, as you like being by the sea but Bangkok has also held your attention.

Pattaya is a city on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, located around 150 kilometres south of the capital and has decent transport links. It’s even closer to Suvarnabhumi Airport where flights land, so a taxi or hotel transfer will soon transport you. That would work perfectly. The first week in Pattaya, followed by a few days in the metropolis before your return. Now it’s time to find the best resort in Pattaya so that you enjoy comfort throughout your stay.

Enjoy Your Stay in a Sea View Resort

Pattaya has two large bays and beaches separated by Phra Tamnak Mountain headland. The southernmost beach is at Jomtien, the quieter of the two, with its own attractions and nightlife just a short ride away from Pattaya.

If you select the best accommodation, you will be guaranteed the ultimate in hospitality from your sea-view resort. If you are pining for some special treats, a soak in the hot tub will be perfect for relaxing, possibly after swimming in an ocean-view pool. If you fancy toning up, a quick daily burst in the fitness room will make you feel a million dollars.

A rooftop bar with a panoramic view will allow you to look out to sea and watch the sunset. Or perhaps you’ll appreciate it more in the shade of a cabana? Dining in the restaurant is a great option if you fancy a restful evening before you retire to your room. Or maybe you fancy going out to see what else there is to offer? Maybe a day out on the ocean aboard a fully crewed luxury yacht sounds just right.


Pattaya’s biggest claim to fame is its vibrant nightlife. The city has thousands of bars and restaurants that accommodate every need. You can eat authentic cuisine from around the word, with of course some wonderful local seafood. Those craving for home comforts are more than adequately catered for, owing to a large influx of expats who have made the city their home, alongside the thousands of tourists.

Because of the plethora of choice, you will receive outstanding value for money, which sees your budget go further. Pattaya also offers some fantastic modern shopping malls, bazaars, and markets, where everything you could possibly want to buy is at your disposal.

There is a multitude of other attractions to guarantee fun throughout your stay. The local authorities continue to reinvent Pattaya as a family friendly city. The world-famous Walking Street is a case in point, as it sees a major redevelopment.

Located by the sea, there are plenty of activities to indulge in such as snorkelling, water skiing, windsurfing and jet skiing. Or perhaps just lazing on a beach enjoying the sun has been your preferred way to spend the day. Bungee jumping and skydiving are available for the more adventurous, along with paintballing and go-karting. Maybe you want to have a go at the traditional sport of Muay Thai boxing. It will give your friends a laugh when you show them, if nothing else! There are also some top-class golf courses.

To Sum Up

You will never be bored throughout your stay in Pattaya. Enjoy a relaxing stay in a quality resort, and have adventures by day and party by night, and go home to tell all your friends about your holiday of a lifetime.

Image Credits: Ryutaro Uozumi

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