3 Stunning Vacation Destinations You Need to Visit in 2019

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We are not long into 2019, so now is the perfect time to plan the year’s destinations. So, let’s concentrate on some of the most stunning locations on the planet, instead of falling into tourist traps.


Crossing the divide of both Europe and Africa, Morocco is a gorgeous North African nation with both Mediterranean and Atlantic influences. While the weather forecasts cannot really be trusted in some parts of the country, like in Marrakesh, for example, where weather conditions change pretty quickly, the stunning coastal beaches are almost always pleasantly breezy, warm, and inviting. Aside from the truly spectacular golden beaches with brilliant blue waters, the architecture of Morocco is also like nothing else and will amaze you when you see some of it for the first time. Aside from all that, there are breathtakingly beautiful, snow-covered mountain ranges near Oukaimeden and the hypnotic sand dunes of the Saharan desert in Merzouga to explore.

Dead Sea

You have probably already heard about the Dead Sea and its unique appeal already, but just in case you have not visited this location in Israel yet, it is time to change that in 2019. One of the saltiest lakes on the planet, there is no life (aside from bacteria) inside the water body, but it still is an absolutely stunning place to visit that presents a scenery and experience like nothing else in the world.

Before actually going to the place, visiting this informative Dead Sea website is recommended, so you know what to expect and also learn a bunch of interesting facts regarding the place’s history, mythology, and origin. After all, there is more to see and do in the region than just the salt lake. Don’t forget to watch the sunrise from atop Masada fortress, marvel at the surprisingly lush Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, and explore the claustrophobic and somewhat dangerous salt caves while you are there.


Admittedly, it is going to get very cold in this part of Europe, but withstanding that cold is worth it because Iceland is one of the most gorgeous countries in the whole world. This small country with its meagre population is a wonderful and stunning place to behold and it happens to be one of the finest locations to witness the Northern Lights at its full glory. Then there are glacial tours that will take you across actual black lava beaches, semi-frozen waterfalls, and the famous Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. Perhaps the most interesting fact of them all is that the Icelanders actually believe in trolls, elves, fairies, and gnomes very seriously, labelling them as the hidden folk. Be sure to visit the Elf School in Reykjavik to know more about the country’s belief in mythical creatures.

If you live a busy life in a modern city, you will find each and every location on this list to be a fantastic break from the concrete jungle that we are all so used to and tired of. They remind us that the most stunning locations on the planet were there long before man arrived at the scene.

Image Credits: Louis Hansel

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