Top 3 Travel Destinations in Florida in 2019

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Many people flock to Florida year-round to enjoy pristine beaches, world-class fishing, boating, and outdoor fun. There are many destination hotspots to visit like Disney World in Orlando, the electric nightlife in Miami, Mara-Lago in Palm Beach and the tranquil, turquoise waters in Naples. No matter what age you are, or what you like to do, Florida has it all at an affordable price too.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 travel destinations in 2019, according to top Realtors, and local Florida guides.

The Treasure Coast

One of the fastest growing travel destinations is the Treasure Coast of Florida. It is comprised from several unique attractions and cities that include, world-class golfing in Port St Lucie, boating and fishing hot-spots in Stuart, and luxurious, beach-front condos on Hutchinson Island.

According to top Treasure Coast Real Estate agents, most people end up here because they visit, and end up buying a home, or investment property. The golfing communities in Port St Lucie bring a lot of folks to Florida each year as well. In fact, most of the golf courses were designed by Golf legends, and still host pro golf tournaments, like the legendary PGA tour.

Others love the Treasure Coast because the fishing can be better than anywhere else on the globe. More big game fishing tournaments are held from Stuart FL then most coastal cities. Plus, its nothing for fisherman to reel in 300lb – 500lb Blue-Marlins and Sailfish. Boating enthusiast can enjoy the pristine waterways available in the St Lucie River, or the Atlantic. Sailing and yachting are big on the Treasure Coast and visitors can take advantage of charter companies offering 1, 2 and 3-day water trips for you to enjoy whilst reading your favorite book..

Miami, Florida

One city that needs no introduction is Miami, FL. Known for its electric nightlife, and stunning waterfront, Miami offers a multicultural experience, like no other. First, the Intracoastal waterways offer unobstructed views of Miami’s finest Waterfront Real estate. By boat you can see the history and culture of Miami played out in the unique architectural designs of each property. Some homes date back to the 1930, while others showcase the most modern designs of 2019.

Miami’s beaches are some of the most famous in the world. One you have most likely heard of is South Beach. This is the epicenter for Miami’s nightlife which is known as the most electric club scene on earth. People travel from across the globe to stay at 5-star hotels like the W, and Fountain Blue and rub shoulders with celebs, rappers and pro athletes at a private table in a South Beach Night Club.


Another traveler’s paradise is Orlando, known for Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Literally millions of people visit Orlando each year and it brings in more revenue than any other Florida destination. Still, it makes our list of top Florida destinations because it offers amazing tourist geared attractions to keep the whole family busy with fun. You may not be able to jump in the ocean for a swim, but the 5 star hotels offer beautiful accommodations with over-sized pools and jacuzzies.

You can also check out SeaWorld, Epcot Center, and Universal Studious which are all apart of Disney as well. Each park offers different activities, learning centers and out door experiences with animals like swimming with the dolphins. Plus, Orlando features the best restaurants and shopping anywhere in Florida. With so many visitors per year most industries have made heavy financial investments to ensure you love coming to visit again and again. Be sure to read up on some further facts about Florida.


No matter where you visit in Florida there’s bound to be something you will enjoy. From fun in the sun, pro golfing, beach-side living, and entertainment meccas, we have it covered in the sunshine state! Just make sure to pack your bathing suit, sandals, suntan lotion, fishing pole, and your wallet to enjoy it all.

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