How to Always Be On-Time for Your Flight

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Air travel presents its fair share of stressful situations. The preparation, packing, and cost of it all is enough to put anyone off flying. However, the occasions to travel by air arise every now and again either for business or pleasure, so it is best to try to cope with the stress as best as you can.

One of the things that can be incredibly frustrating regarding air travel is when, despite your best efforts, you end up at your gate only to see that your flight is departing without you. Even if you think you are arriving on time, unexpectedly long lines and a number of other circumstances can derail your entire schedule. While some things can’t be avoided, there are a few things you can do that will drastically increase your chances of catching your flight on time.

Reserve Parking Ahead of Time

Have you ever driven yourself to the airport only to spend far too long driving around in circles trying to find a spot? If you have traveled during a busy time of the year then this very well might be a situation that you are familiar with. It is a frustrating thing to finally locate a spot, wait for a shuttle to take you to your terminal, and rush to the check-in counter only to find that you are too late for your flight.

You can do away with such situations entirely by reserving a parking spot for yourself ahead of time. Next time you are planning to travel, go to a week or two in advance to reserve a spot in a secure and safe lot right by the airport. A shuttle will take you right to your terminal, and you won’t have to experience the disappointment of missing your flight because you couldn’t find parking ever again.

Check-In Online

Another line that can be insanely long depending on the time of year and day that you are traveling is the one that leads to the check-in counter. Even though many major airlines have a number of self-check-in kiosks that travelers can use, the lines behind these kiosks can be just as long.

Bypass this part of the airport experience altogether by seeing if the airline you are flying with allows passengers to check-in online. Many will provide this option starting 24 hours prior to departure. You might need to download the airline’s mobile app to make use of this feature, but this is a simple enough step to take if it means skipping the check-in counter and heading straight to the security line.

Weigh Your Checked Baggage Yourself

When you check a bag for your flight, it needs to be under the set weight limit. You might be fairly sure that you are under the limit only to wind up opening your suitcase at the counter to move items into your already crammed carry-on bags. Avoid this time-consuming and embarrassing situation by weighing your bags with your own luggage scale at home.

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