Different Types of Food Packaging

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When you first get into food production, there are many things you may not immediately appreciate. One of the most jarring things about food production is the myriad of different types of food packaging there are in which to house your product. Whether you are an old hand at food production and you are just looking for some different types of food packaging or you are brand new to the space and you don’t know where to turn, here are some of the food packaging types available.

Single Web: Maybe one of the simplest forms of food packaging, the single web food pack type is perfect for just about any sort of grab-n-go food stuff item. You can use the single web design for foods which are typically single service and may be something you stuff into your kids lunch satchel. You don’t have to be young though to appreciate single web food packaging design. Most all of us at some point or another in our week will indulge in a quick bite to eat from this food packaging design when we don’t have time to sit in for a proper meal.

Laminated: The laminated food packaging designs may come in a variety of materials and sizes. If you are trying to launch a single service product you may have laminated rolls or services in some type of a poly-material. You can use lamination in all areas of your food packaging and your products will be presented to the world in good stead.

Pouches: One more type of convenient and very usable foodstuff container is the pouch. How often have you been rummaging through your pantry only to pull out a pouch of nuts or berries or fruit snacks and walked away satisfied? That is what your customers will remember when they see your pouched items in the stores and they will be quick to snatch them up!

Food Bags: Another bigger service type of food packaging is the food bags. You may be familiar with these when you are looking at something like nuts or trail mix in a bigger service size. Crisps, pretzels, and other type of snacks are typically found inside of food bags. If this is your product then you should certainly choose this style of packaging. As an aside you may even find your doggie biscuits or kitty treats in a food bag style container; it’s equality amongst the species!

Punched Handles: Another type of food container is the punched handles food container. This may include things that are even more personally suited to an individual like single serve coffee or tea bags. You can use punched handles for anything though depending on the size and type of your food.

Re-Sealable: Another important thing about your food containers is keeping things fresh. If you have been having issues with your foods sitting for too long on the shelf and spoiling that is not what you want to present to your customers. Offering them a re-sealable container works in a variety of ways – it means that your food will stay fresher for longer.

There are many brands out there offering you lots of different solutions to your food packaging dilemma. One of the very best is Mercury Packaging; for your food packaging needs.

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