Ditch the Tech and Unwind the Natural Way

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With our tech-heavy lives, it can be very easy to be overwhelmed by connections, too much social media, endless news cycles that usually about something tragic happening in the world. Add to that the stress of our jobs, social lives, family and friends it can be all too much to deal with. So here are some natural ways to relax, unwind and relieve your stress – tech-free.

Start by cleaning your home, pick one space that is dedicated to only relaxing. Stock it with comforting pillows, blankets and books. It could be your entire living room needs some TLC, or perhaps your bedroom is the spot you chose. Either way clean, calm spaces are the ideal start to mastering the unwind.

Green tea, a potent source of theanine, which crosses the blood-brain barrier within about 20 minutes. It raises levels of serotonin and dopamine, which promote relaxation without the need for sedation.

Many studies have looked into the benefit of CBD oils, they’ve found that supplements or used as a vape have a quick effect. Also, it has no psychoactive properties, meaning you cannot get high from use. There are many places you can find hash oil for sale, but that link will take you to a reputable seller.

Lavender. A list of relaxing natural products wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from lavender. The smell alone is shown to promote quick stress and anxiety relief. A few drops of the oil in your bath, or use in an air diffuser to get an immediate impact. If you have trouble sleeping, a few spritzes around the room or on your pillow can help lull you away nicely.

Chamomile tea. Another tea makes this list, Chamomile has so many benefits, improving skin conditions, relaxes muscles, calms nerves, helps with insomnia and reduces anxiety. It is also a go-to if you have digestive issues or get stress headaches.

Some movement. Lots of people hear exercise and look the other way. But, it doesn’t have to be that strenuous. A 30-minute walk in the morning can start your day off well. If you get the paper delivered instead go and pick it up, if you have a coffee shop you usually go to via public transport, then use the good ol’ ankle express (walking).

If you want to do some something a little more active, then try yoga or pilates. Slow, purposeful movements that gently strengthen your core and boost your happy hormones – oxytocin.

Remember that clean space you created earlier? It might be time to put it to good use with something like meditation. It might seem difficult at first to relax into meditation, but after a short while, you should find yourself with slow and steady breathing, a reasonably clear mind and less tension.

A straightforward one is – relax your shoulders and unclench your jaw. So many of us walk around with shoulders tight and jaw stiff.

So there are just a few ways that you can unwind in a technology-obsessed world, with natural remedies.

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