Diverse Applications of Access Control Systems

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Access control systems come in various designs and installations for industrial and commercial premises. Systems are made to secure premises so exit and entry can be monitored, thereby creating a safer workplace or institutional environment. For example, access control systems in Perth and the surrounding area include the following:

  • Proximity card access systems
  • Radio remote key fob access control systems
  • Electronic PIN-coded keypad systems
  • Intercoms systems with door or gate activation
  • Inductive road loops for vehicle detection or automatic vehicle exit tracking
  • High speed RFID systems for vehicle detection*

*RFID is the abbreviation for radio frequency identifications systems. RFID systems make use of a technology that combines the use of electrostatic or electromagnetic coupling in the RF (radio frequency) segment of an electromagnetic spectrum to identify a person, object or animal. RFID is used frequently in industry instead of a bar code. The benefit of using RFID is that it does not necessitate the use of line-of-sight scanning or direct contact.

Where Electronic Access Control is Typically Applied

Electronic access control systems that open automatic gates or make use of garage door remotes in Perth and other areas can be used for a number of venues. Electronic access control is often employed for:

  • Commercial building entry and exiting
  • Systems that combines roller doors and automatic gates for purposes of security
  • Quarries and mining sites
  • Public and commercial car parks
  • Car yards or storage facilities
  • Educational campuses
  • Wharf and port facilities
  • Loading yards and warehouses to prevent theft and monitor vehicular comings and goings

A Safer Environment

As you can see, the use of electronic access control systems increases security in a number of work or institutional environments. Making use of the newest technologies makes it easier for companies and institutions to track the movement and activity of staff and reduce the incidence of trespassing, vandalism or theft.

As a result, access control supports a company’s efforts in limiting entry and tracking employee activity. Access control systems in Perth and elsewhere serve as visible deterrents, whether they are fitted into a single entryway or broadly applied to a location with various access zones or multiple doorways.

The Main Benefits of Using Electronic Access Control

Therefore, using such systems can offer the following advantages:

  • All security is centrally controlled
  • Anyone who does not have an access card, PIN or privileges cannot access the site.
  • Any issue with lost keys is eliminated – cards, instead, are deleted from the system and re-issued.
  • Systems replace a widespread knowledge of a door combinations or entry codes.
  • Restricted access is enabled, thereby protecting stock and equipment.
  • Systems restrict car park access only to authorised staff.
  • Protocols can be established to open certain entries during certain periods of the day or night.
  • A fire plan can be easily implemented that can be used for evacuation purposes.
  • Systems enhance staff management by supporting the use of reports and time-keeping data.
  • Systems feature both on-site and off-site control and management.

Systems are Offered in Various Configurations to Meet a Facility’s Requirements

Access control systems are designed to suit varying needs and preferences. Systems, therefore, can range from basic stand-alone models that use PIN numbers for entry and exit to integrated and networked systems that employ a full range of security technologies. You can read more about the offerings by referring to the Access Technologies website.

When you see various venues where systems are used, you will understand the importance of using this kind of technology. They not only support the security efforts of a location but also enhance the scope for profit for a business or institution.

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