DIY Tips to Decorating When Moving into a New Home

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These unprecedented times of not entirely celebrating momentous and joyous occasions as they occur are hard to express behind a mask. But there is something about being handed a set of keys to your new home that makes the celebration hard to contain. Whether purchasing your first or second home or even moving into your first apartment, the culmination of days and nights spent dreaming about this moment makes it hard to contain the excitement of the moment.

Even with all the excitement, moving into a new home can be anxiety-ridden for various reasons; the logistics are complicated, the cable isn’t connected, replacing old appliances, the sheer expense of moving, and the daunting task of unpacking. As overwhelming as it can all be, new homeowners are usually excited about making their house a home, and that includes decorating. This article will help reduce that stress by offering tips for decorating when moving into a new home.

Get started immediately

Unless you are relocating for a new job and have plans to move again soon, the best advice anyone can give you is to get some rest after all your stuff is inside and then get started immediately on decorating your new home. That way, you don’t get too comfortable in an undecorated house because if you do, decorating won’t happen. Immediately also includes unpacking those unsightly boxes.

Therefore, before you get the keys, scour websites like Pinterest and other decorating websites for paint and decorating ideas. Go to hardware stores and look at flooring that you love, light fixtures, and hardware for cabinets and drawers. Do as much of the painting and flooring in advance of moving so that you don’t have to move or risk ruining furniture to do later. After that, you can move onto the fun stuff like drawing inspiration for your kitchen with collections like Bellingham Kitchen & Dining Room.

Get rid of that old stuff

If it doesn’t fit into the décor scheme of your new home, get rid of it. If you didn’t have time or the inclination to toss it or, better yet, sell it while packing, unpacking is the perfect time to purge it. Don’t start your new life full of clutter from your old. Before putting it in your cabinet or closet, consider a yard sale. It’s the perfect way to make a few bucks and meet your new neighbours.

Purpose repurpose

If you have furniture from your old home that does not fit into your new home’s ideas, think of reusing it. For instance, all your dining room chairs but one is loose or broken, so you decide to get rid of the entire set, even though you’ve always loved the chairs. Repurpose that one good chair. Use it near a window where you get the best light in your home as a reading nook or in your bedroom. Before tossing a good piece of furniture that you love because it doesn’t fit, think of how you can overhaul or repurpose it for your new home.

Also, don’t be afraid to add a coat of paint to a piece of furniture that may look great in another room. Purpose repurposing is a great way to turn what was trash into a treasure. Repurposing is a great way to save money and the stress of shopping for new items.

Create great wall art

There is nothing that says wall art must be expensive or Picasso to make an impact in your home. The truth is you are decorating your home to suit you and your taste. There isn’t anyone who uses the internet who hasn’t come across a picture or quote that they loved. You can use that and create wall art by simply printing it and getting a frame. Store like Walgreens and even office supply store can also put your quote on canvas, so no framing is necessary.

Creating a great wall is the perfect time to use pictures in your smartphone camera roll by getting family canvas prints made for your home. Use your own senses to determine what constitutes walls are for your home.

Go big in your home

Regardless of your home size, you can make any room look bigger with the placement of an oversized mirror or a curtain rod that is higher than necessary and spans a longer area than the window. There is nothing like a strategically placed floor mirror to make a statement, and let’s be honest, they are fun to walk past. Larger than necessary curtain rods automatically add drama and glam to a room.

Consider wall murals

Murals are eye-catching and never get old. For the homeowner, a wall mural is a sure conversation started and an attention grabber. Deciding how bright, busy, or bold is a choice, but murals usually make a statement and invoke emotion. According to Sharpe Retail, if painted murals aren’t in your budget, there are wallpaper options that are just as interesting.

Bring in some life

Plants bring life to any room and add to the overall décor. In addition to the greenery, the pots and planters add to a room’s style and aesthetic. Live plants are an inexpensive way to decorate and show off your green fingers.

Tools for the handy

Buying good quality tools for all your DIY projects will be one of the best investments you make. Quality paintbrushes will ensure smooth, even painting, and good tools can be trusted not to snap while you are making repairs and decorating.

There are no tips to ensure that everything about moving into a new home will be smooth, but when it comes to decorating your new home, these tips will help make your transition into your new home is smooth. If you are about to or have recently moved into a new home, even during these unprecedented times, celebrate.

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