Places People Forget to Clean in Their Homes

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If you think your house is super clean, then think again. There may be some places you’ve overlooked or just don’t remember to clean. In this article, I’m going to explore the various places and things in people’s homes that they often forget to clean. These places and things can sometimes be right in front of your face.

Under the Bed

Because people don’t often look under their beds, they don’t think about cleaning it. It’s as simple as getting your vacuum cleaner out, and slurping up the dust beneath your bed. It’s not very pleasant knowing that you have a build-up of dust beneath where you sleep and this could cause a variety of issues, from breathing problems and allergies, to dust mites. Some people use the space beneath their beds as storage and forget what they put there. If you go through it all and have a clear out, you might just find some interesting knick-knacks or some old family photos.

The Doorknobs

Doorknobs are some of the most-touched things in a person’s home. People are always going in and out of rooms, whether they are your family or guests. While you might think that your family has great hygiene, it’s always a good idea run an antibacterial wipe over all the doorknobs and door handles in your house during your weekly clean to avoid spreading germs.

The Television Remote

Like the doorknobs in your house, everyone touches the remote. It’s used by people with dirty hands and kids with sticky fingers. The remote is also often left on the floor, stuck between unwashed couch cushions, and anyone with pets will know that dogs and cats have a habit of sitting on them. You need to make sure you clean your TV remote weekly.

The Curtains

While people may remember to wash their duvets and pillow covers, most people never think to clean their curtains. Over time, they do collect a lot of dust and bacteria. They can also smell a bit musty, so you should give them a wash or dry clean them every now and again.

The Sink

A lot of people assume that the soapy water they use to wash their dishes automatically cleans the sink as well, so there’s no need to actually give it a clean. Well, those people are very, very wrong. It’s so important to clean your sink, because it’s the place you wash your dishes and you could risk making your family ill if you don’t. You wouldn’t wash your dishes in dirty water, so why would you wash your dishes in a dirty sink?

The Sofa

When was the last time you washed your sofa cushion covers? Most people don’t realise that the covers of seats and some backs of sofas are zippered so that you can removed them and throw them in the washing machine. Considering the fact that most people sit on their sofas every day, their cushion covers should be washed regularly.

The Bin

Most people don’t bother cleaning their bins. If they aren’t cleaned, they will eventually begin to smell, and putting your rubbish in the bins outside won’t make the smell disappear. You don’t want to leave your house with a foul odour, so make sure you wash the inside and outside of the bins in your house frequently.

Behind the Toilet

I know it sounds gross, but it’s quite common for people to forget to clean behind their toilet. Cleaning the toilet bowl, seat and cover alone simply won’t do. Lots of dirt can build up behind a toilet, so it’s important to keep your toilet and bathroom clean.

Other Nooks and Crannies

People often forget to clean things like door frames, skirting boards, and windowsills. These nooks and crannies shouldn’t be forgotten, especially if you’ve been doing some redecorating, renovations or remodelling. If you search online for ‘after builders cleaning’, you can find professional cleaners that will help you clean your house and all those hard-to-reach places after you’ve had work done on their house.

Kitchen Cupboards

Cleaning inside kitchen cupboards is important too. You may not think it, but dust can build I there too. When you do your spring cleaning, take your dishes, pots, pans, cutlery, mugs and glasses out of your cupboards and clean and disinfect the inside of your cupboards. Make sure you wipe down the inside of the cupboard doors too!

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