Earn the Respect of Your Employees By Treating Them Better

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Employees are undoubtedly the greatest asset that any business has. That is why it is so important that you have employees working for you who are happy, healthy and who respect you.

If your employees are unhappy and if they do not have any respect for you and your business, they will not do their best work for you and your business will suffer as a result.

That being the case, let’s take a look at a few things you can do to earn the respect of your employees by improving the way you treat them, so that everybody wins.

Make them comfortable

One of the most basic, but most impactful, things you can do for your employees is to ensure they are comfortable in the workplace, From letting in more natural light to conducting an ergonomic assessment of the office anything you can do to make them feel physically and mentally comfortable will help them to work more productively and encourage them to respect you because you will be respecting them.

Get to know them

Instead of treating your employees like a bunch of automatons, get down to the office and get to know them a bit better. Shake their hands, ask them about their day, learn about their families, and make sure you remember all you learn so that you can have a meaningful conversation with them any time. They will appreciate the effort, and they’ll respect that you are a caring boss who genuinely cares about your employees.

Be open and honest

If you want to be respected as a business owner, then you need to always be straight with your employees. Honesty and transparency will get you all the respect you want because your employees will ultimately be able to trust that you will do what you say and say what you mean, they will feel much safer working for someone who is always open and honest than working for a boss who is all about the cloak and dagger.

Treat everyone equally

If you have your favorites and scapegoats, then chances are you will be respected by those employees whom you favor, but hated by everyone else, and not only is this not a good way to get the most from your employees, but chances are it will mean that few employees stick with your company for long. All of your employees should be treated fairly and equally no matter what.

Praise them

Giving credit to your employees when they have done good work, instead of acting as if the success of the company is down to you and you alone, will go a long way to making your employees sit up and take notice, tell them they’ve done well, give them a bonus or take them out for dinner when they have done a good job and they will continue to work hard.

By treating your employees better, you can improve your company’s productivity, boost your bottom line and be a better boss in one fell swoop, so what are you waiting for?


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