Enhancing Business Agility through Staff Augmentation

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Staff augmentation has become a key way for businesses to stay competitive. Since technology is ever changing, there is a greater demand for outsourcing IT services. Staff augmentation allows companies to integrate augmented staff with their existing team on a short-term basis. This is a flexible and efficient option for businesses who need to scale up their workforce and fill skill gaps. Read on for more information on this approach to workforce expansion.

Cost Efficiency

Some businesses may only take on a limited number of projects that require a specific kind of expertise, so it is not cost-effective to have a full-time or even part-time in-house specialist. Rather, augment staff are paid only for the hours they work and can work remotely. Augmented staff will collaborate with an existing team without the need for a business to worry about the costs of hiring a new team member, such as taxes, insurance, paid sick leave, and full-time wages. By implementing staff augmentation, companies can focus their money and resources on other areas of their business.

Time Saving

Time is also crucial for most businesses as projects are often time-sensitive. Hiring a full-time member of staff involves taking the time to promote the job, interviewing potential candidates, going through the recruitment process, and training new IT staff to an appropriate level. Staff augmentation enables businesses to quickly bring in external IT staff who already have already been vetted and have the skillset to work with their existing employees to complete a project without wasting time or needing to compromise on quality.

Access to a Greater Talent Pool

When it comes to staff augmentation, businesses will have access to a wider range of experienced software developers, hardware engineers, programmers, and other tech experts from around the world. Projects that require specialist knowledge are the perfect opportunities for businesses to hire augmented staff. They can even share their expertise with existing IT staff members, facilitating a smoother collaboration and raising productivity.

Company Growth

Staff augmentation allows businesses to expand and scale back as necessary to keep up with market trends and business cycles. If a company wishes to expand their business, they can use the experience of the augmented staff to see how operations would work without needing to recruit permanent staff straight away. Staff augmentation can increase a company’s efficiency and improve their operations.

More Control Over Projects

Unlike other kinds of outsourcing, augmented staff will work directly under the watchful eye of a company supervisor or manager, so they can can interact with the augmented staff and see how a project is going. They can provide feedback and manage their projects, which they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do if the work was outsourced to a third party. With augmented IT staff, businesses get to have the final say and can oversee each project.

Many companies are foregoing traditional hiring methods in favour of using staff augmentation as it is a more effective staffing solution. Make sure you do plenty of research in to staff augmentation providers to find the right one for you.

Image Credits: Dylan Gillis

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