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The internet has transformed so many parts of our lives but one area it has had a particularly strong impact on is the way many of us enjoy a flutter. Sports betting has changed massively with people now having a range of options, including innovations like in-play, available at the touch of a button. Furthermore, the incredible growth of the online casino industry has also changed the game and given people more access to the glitz and glamour of that world than ever before.

Another related area which has also experienced a similar change is the lottery world. While playing such games once involved actively heading into a shop to mark your numbers and buy a ticket, gamers now have a range of different online games at their disposal with each offering a different combination of potential jackpots.

In this article we are going to examine the key aspects of both of the new games.

EuroMillionaire Go!

Described as an opportunity for players to enjoy everything they love about EuroMillions more often, the EuroMillions Go! game is an exclusive from Lottoland. The game matches the jackpot from the EuroMillions Friday and Tuesday draws and offers the same level of winnings in draws made on the hour, every hour across every single day.

The concept obviously increases a player’s chances of winning big as it means there are 168 opportunities a week to win. It also removes the need for them to wait until the official draws take place, as they can simply pick their numbers and get involved in a draw whenever they want. Finally, another key promotion related to the game is the opportunity to get your money back if you fail to match a single number.

All of these options make the game an interesting option for those seeking more opportunities to take their chances on a lottery.

Lotto Plus

Lotto Plus

While EuroMillionaire Go! takes its cues from the EuroMillions, the Lotto Plus game takes its core inspiration from the National Lottery – although it should be noted that it is not connected with the organisation in any way.

Lotto Plus is played in the style of the National Lottery, with players picking six numbers from 59, submitting their bet and waiting to see which numbers come up. One of the most interesting aspects about the game is the guarantee that the jackpot will always be £5 million higher than the official National Lottery draw. In addition, players can place their bets two hours later than in the standard draw, meaning they have more time to select the right numbers.

All of this makes Lotto Plus an interesting alternative to the National Lottery game many of us are familiar with.

New ways to play

While both of these games have drawn inspiration from the real-world, they offer players a new experience through a number of interesting innovations. Whether you are a lottery fan or a newcomer to the world, Lotto Plus and EuroMillionaire Go! offer new ways to play which are sure to be a hit with many.

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