Every Parent’s Checklist for a Child-Friendly Condo Home

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Raising a child in a condo is not as easy as it may sound. During their formative years, children tend to be very energetic and are curious about a lot of things. they can also get very bored in a short period of time. They never seem to run out of energy, or settle down for even a moment.

If you’re trying to find an apartment or a condo best suited for your child and your browser history is full of potential new places to like “terra hill“, here’s a list of things to keep in mind. Not only does this keep your child safe, but it also helps him/her develop their body and mind.

Keep Electrical Cords Secured

When moving into a new place, kids love to explore their new environment. Keeping things secured and out of harm’s way, such as electrical cords, are a must. Make sure things are properly wired and out of reach. This ensures that your child is safe from tripping over them and will prevent your curious child from being electrocuted. If there are cables on the ground, secure them with cord tidies or zip-ties. This will discourage your toddler from messing with them.

Covering electrical outlets should also help keep your child safe. This will prevent them from sticking objects inside the sockets, which could also electrocute them.

Store Your Unsafe Stuff Properly

If you are moving into a new condo, like the ones in Alveo Makati, you should keep in mind that your child is a very lively and energetic toddler. If you’re planning on stacking up a few things to free up some more space in the house, then stack them up properly. Your child might bump into them and potentially knock them over.

You should make sure that they don’t fall and break while your child is playing around the house. You should secure them so that they don’t hit your child on the head by accident. Small children can’t sustain severe injuries, especially from falling objects. You should also put away anything that your child might knock over by mistake, such as vases and lamps.

You should also keep your bags and handbags out of reach. Little children are very fond of placing small things inside their mouths. Your bag might have tiny objects inside, like coins, pen lids, or even batteries, so you should put them away.

Check if televisions or other similar furnishings that are low-standing are secured also.  Test the other furniture, such as a lamps or mirrors, and maybe anchor them to the floors and walls.


Kitchens are generally safe places to be, but not for your playful toddler. To them, this can be one of, if not the most, dangerous place in the house. Knives and stoves could put your child at risk if left unattended.

They might also ingest some dangerous chemicals they find inside cabinets and drawers. For this reason, install some toddler-proof locks to prevent this from happening. You should also put dangerous chemicals out of their reach.

For other kitchen appliances, install appliance locks for your refrigerator and dishwasher. You could also install knob locks for your oven so they won’t accidentally put their hand inside. You should also put knives and other sharp objects away, and place pan handles away from the edge.

Kitchens have other small objects that can also be a potential choking hazard. Fridge magnets are an example of that, as they can sometimes fall. Your toddler might find it on the ground and try to ingest it.


As with the kitchen, you should also install locks on your bathroom cabinets. Using spring locks or magnetic locks for locking them up would also do fine. You can find them by searching the web for things like “online selling Philippines” to see which places sell them.

If you can’t lock the supplies inside your cabinet, then keeping them out of reach is the next best option. Move your cleaning supplies, as well as your shampoos, medicines, and soaps onto higher shelves. Kids can get into anything if you’re not careful.

This might be common sense but you should never ever leave your child unattended in the bath. Place non-slip shower mats on the floor and shower areas also to prevent your child from slipping.


Even in their own bedroom, some things could still harm your children if you’re not careful. If you have blinds and drapes in your condo, trim those long cords or place them higher up. Children could play with them and could get themselves tangled up. Secure them with cord tidies.

When moving furniture or appliances into their bedroom, keep them away from windows. An exploring toddler could easily climb up and fall through a screen. You could also put locks or safety catches/width restrictors on windows to make them more secure.

Some Things to Look Out For

Even if your toddler is already walking, they still can’t help but bump into some places. While this is natural, there are some hazards that we fail to see. Sometimes we have to see things through their eyes.

The best way to do this is to get on your hands and knees to see the terrain as they would. By doing so, you’d be able to observe some low-level hazards, such as sharp corners or protruding screws. Make sure to buy some foam padding to place on corners in the kitchen or bedroom.

Let You Child Have Fun

Children are always restless and playful. They would rather explore and run around than stay in one place for a long period of time. Staying indoors for too long isn’t good for them. Getting them out of the house or taking them to the park would really make them happy.

The most important part of your checklist should be where the child could have fun. Letting them play outside would chase his/her boredom away, and also let them get enough sunshine. Make sure they get enough outdoor exercise, which is what their body and mind need. Play with your little ones outside from time to time, so they can enjoy the rest of their day with you too!

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