Decorating with Pottery: Elevating Your Space with Handcrafted Pieces

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Pottery has been around for thousands of years, but it remains one of the most versatile ways to elevate the décor in your living space. Decorating with pottery is an art that has been perfected across various cultures. Handcrafted pieces can add style and function to your space when used correctly. Here are a few tips for decorating your space with pottery.

Add a Pop of Colour

Pottery is an excellent way to introduce new colours into your space or even tie together your existing colour schemes. Choose pottery in hues that complement your room’s palette or provide an appealing contrast.

Fill Up an Empty Shelf

One of the hardest aspects of decorating a living space is filling an empty shelf with the right accessories. You can make your shelf an interesting staging area with different pottery pieces. Mix and match them in different shapes, sizes, and designs to create a visual contrast.

Use Pottery for Functional Purposes

Beyond decorating your space, think of items that serve functional purposes. Vases, candle holders, or even serving dishes serve practical purposes and add colour and style to your space. Consider incorporating these functional pottery items into your space.

Vases on a countertop

Do the Unexpected

One of the best things about ceramic pieces is their versatility. You can use these decorative items in the most creative ways possible. A clay pot or vase in the centre of your dining table might be the best way to add some decorative interest to your space.

Add Plants

Try displaying your plants in a beautiful glazed ceramic pot instead of just placing them in the corner in a plastic bowl. Make sure you choose an interesting piece of pottery that highlights the beauty of your plant. Of course, the pot still has to be wide enough to allow the plant to grow properly.

Explore Different Types of Pottery

There is a wide range of pottery styles to choose from. The most popular ones include earthenware, stoneware, porcelain, and more. The style can also vary from contemporary to modern or vintage. Each style has unique characteristics that can evoke different moods in your space. You should also explore pottery from different cultures, such as Japanese, Mexican, or Native American pottery, to find pieces that resonate with you and your space.

Choose Interesting Pieces

Ceramic items come in a wide range of unique shapes and interesting silhouettes. From beautiful handmade pottery to mysterious ceramic sculptures, one of the benefits of decorating your home with pottery is that you can pick one piece that draws interest and start a conversation. Everyone will stop and stare at a piece of ceramic that evokes a sense of wonder.

Arrange Artfully

Sometimes, it’s not about the items you choose but how you arrange them. Work out an artful arrangement for your ceramic pieces. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours, shapes, and sizes as required. Ensure you’re not cluttering your space and the grouping is tight and well-placed. When decorating with pottery, there are no hard and fast rules. Just have fun with it and explore your creative energy.

Image Credits: MART PRODUCTION, 1825 Interiors

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