What Is a Mitre Saw and How Do I Choose One?

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If you are a contractor or even a person who loves DIY furniture making, a saw is one of the tools that you surely need in your toolbox. Saws come in different shapes and sizes. A mitre saw is a universally accepted option for its effectiveness and ease of usage.

It does not require a lot of skill to operate and can be used even by a novice. At the same time, it reduces the time of cutting different materials while delivering precise shapes and angles.

So, if you are planning to buy one for yourself, here is a guide that explains everything about it, the usage, and how you can select the best option for your needs.

Mitre Saw and Its Usage

By definition, a mitre saw is an electric device that is used to make mitre cuts and crosscuts with the help of large circular blades on wooden board. It is stationary, and the wood is moved below it while making cuts. This one can be confused with a circular saw which is handheld with the same functionality.

Mitre usually comes with 10″ and 12″ blades that are made of carbon steel coated with another metal to make smoother cuts. The blade sizes are interchangeable depending on the kind of wood, and the cut one wants to achieve.

It can be used for some regular woodwork and DIY construction in homes or in workshops. The machine helps in making simple as well as complicated cuts. It is most useful when you want to cut smaller pieces for a larger workpiece. They can also be used to trim pipes with some special blades. Some of the cuts that it can be used to make are as follows:

  1. Angled or mitre cuts
  2. Regular crosscuts
  3. Bevel cut

There are two types of mitre saws including:

  • Standard: The standard type is the simpler kind that can be used for making straight cuts from different angles. These saws usually provide mitre crosscuts and are best for ordinary people with basic needs.
  • Compound: This is a more complicated and robust machine that is aimed at professionals. The compound type can cut many more angles beyond 90°, such as the bevel angle. The blade head rotates. There are also two types including dual compound saw and sliding compound saw.

How to Choose a Mitre Saw?

Man using an Metabo HPT Mitre Saw

If you want to select the perfect mitre for yourself, you need to consider some key features that your machine should include. Some of the key points you should consider while taking your pick are as follows:

Features of a mitre saw

The features are the first consideration to make while buying a saw. These features are:

  1. The amps, which is the power with which the blade cuts the wood.
  2. The size of the blade which can range from 8″ to 12″. The larger the diameter of the blade, the longer cuts it can make.
  3. The depth stops, which controls the depth of the cuts and the positive stops, which helps in making precise cuts.
  4. Shaft lock, which immobilizes the blade.
  5. Dust chutes, bags, and blowers to manage the sawdust on the table.
  6. Table extensions that help in balancing and supporting bigger wood pieces.
  7. Digital displays that show better bevel and mitre angles and settings.
  8. Laser guides so that the cuts are made accurately.
  • Type Of Mitre Saw: As we discussed above, there are two kinds of mitre saws available. The standard one and the compound one. In the case of the compound type, there are other features such as dual compound in which the blade can be tilted either left or right, which is not the case with the compound saw. The sliding saws allow movement of the blade, even forward and backward, making them even more functional. So, select what kind of blade angles you want your saw to move at.
  • Type of Work: The kind of work you expect to do with it is also important to consider. If you are working in a workshop, you can use a mount saw that stays put on the table. If you travel for work, then you might want to consider buying something portable that is light and easy to carry from one place to another.
  • Blades: The saw is nothing without a blade. There are many different types of blades available in the market, and each of them has a different function. The blade you buy should be compatible with the model of your device. Also, make sure that the blade is intended for the kind of work you want to do in terms of cuts and angles you want to achieve while cutting.
  • Price: Price is an essential factor to consider while buying a mitre saw. There is a wide variety available in the market. You need to see if the features offered are suitable for the price you are paying.

There is no use in buying a heavy-duty machine if you do not have the use of it. Also, you can read about the UK’s best mitre saws at mitresawzone.com if you want more information. Your budget should be a defining factor in picking a reliable product.

It is important to note that the variety of mitre saws is vast, and more features mean higher prices. Hence while taking your pick, only consider the features that you need. For example, if you are someone who only uses the saw for small cuts, standard models can be a good pick. However, if you are a professional, then you will have to invest in the compound models.


Mitre saws are handy machines that can become a go-to tool. They come with different features and functionalities. To select the best one, make sure you go through the list above and only buy the one that fulfils all your needs.

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