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When you’ve spent hours getting your garden into shape, tending flowers, weeding and growing vegetables that will go straight from the soil to your plate, the last thing you want to see are your neighbors’ cats tearing the place up and ruining your hard work. You might also find that the local wildlife has an interest in your outside space too.

How do you make your garden animal-proof without harming them while at the same time protecting everything you’ve worked so hard to grow? In this blog we give you some top tips to help discourage unwanted visitors into your garden haven.


Start with taking a good look around your boundaries and noting any weak spots. If you share a fence or wall with a neighbour you might be able to split the costs of any repairs that are needed, failing that it’s likely to be you and your DIY skills that are put to work mending holes.

If you have a low wall separating your properties you may be well within your rights to add some fence paneling on top. This will not only give you a little more privacy but also help deter cats from jumping across.

Look too for any not so obvious access points. Has the local fox been digging under the back gate to gain access for example?

Put Your Pets to Work

Your own dog or cat might well end up being a useful ally in your fight against rodents in the garden. Set them free in the early evening to deter, catch and kill any unwanted small visitors who might otherwise be heading for your vegetable patch.

Fake It

If you’re fed up with having animals leaving droppings in your lawn and find yourself picking up after them on a daily basis then you may find it more convenient to change up your real grass for an artificial version. Easy to maintain and a whole lot easier to clean, this option will save you a lot of time in terms of upkeep and care and can be extremely realistic. Take a look at www.newlawn.co.uk for some colour and length options.


When you’ve exhausted most other options you may find yourself looking for some deterrents to discourage rodents and other animals into your garden.

Consider some motion activated water repellents to deter cats and household pets or an ultrasonic sound device said to send a lot animals running in the opposite direction. There are natural options too, such as garlic clips and castor oil but these must be replaced regularly to maintain their effectiveness.

Experimentation here is key. Choose barrier methods such as fences and covers where you can, preventative measures by shoring up holes where animals can come in and try out some deterrents that deter rather than harm the animals that come into your garden.

Try out all of these things and you’ll find a solution that suits everyone and leaves you free to enjoy your garden undisturbed.

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