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If you are not adept at cleaning windows, you can resort to the wide range of solvents, cleaning agents, creams or commercial sprays. These are aimed, in particular, at thermopanes. However, be careful! Under no circumstances should you buy them randomly! The use of a cleaning agent depends greatly on the type of finish of the window, the color, and even the age of PVC windows. The degree of dirtiness of the windows also makes a difference when you want to buy a window-cleaner. So, if you do not know how to choose the best one, here are a few recommendations.

How to clean white PVC frames

If you have white PVC windows, you should opt for special, non-abrasive creams. Make sure you tell the store clerk what kind of windows you have so they can provide you with the best options. Moreover, buy those recommended for white PVC frames.

Also, when you get started, it’ a good idea to have a specific solvent for the thermopane. It will be beneficial for cleaning the dirt from fine scratches and removing silicone traces. With a minimal amount of solvent, you can make the yellow silicone spots from smoking and cooking disappear.

For the white window frames of thermo-insulating glass, you should not use colorful cloths to wash with. They can leave lint or stains, which you will need to then clean with something else. Try using rolls of special paper or white cloth pieces.

How to clean windows with a wooden frame

If you have wooden frames in your home, possibly with custom finishes or colors, you might find some of this information helpful. The best solution would be special spraying oils. These oils protect the window and prevent deposits of dust and other impurities. You should never use such oils while cleaning white PVC windows. The professionals that offer window cleaning services in Spokane use the best materials to make sure your windows are as clean as possible.

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How to clean the glass

A frequent question people ask themselves is: Is there is an effective method of washing thermopane windows? Well, there is absolutely no secret to washing thermopane window glass. It should be cleaned just like any other glass, so you can use the methods and solutions you’ve already learned with confidence. No matter which one you choose, you cannot fail.

How to clean and maintain the closing systems

Maintenance and cleaning of handles, locking systems and hinges is not at all complicated. An oil-based spray can be useful to remove even the smallest stains or traces of dirt. The secret here is to clean them every three months, so you do not have to put in much effort. Besides the fact that the spray cleans very well, it also keeps the dirt away for a long time. Besides, it’s an excellent anti-rust solution for hinges.

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Avoid these mistakes when washing the windows

Anyone can wash a window, but not everyone can clean a window without traces! Have you ever thought that when you clean the windows, it could be possible to make mistakes? Probably not. Window washing has become a kind of automatism, and people tend not to think about the whole process.

If, however, you are aware of these errors, not only will your cleaning be more efficient, but you will also have perfect windows! Here are the mistakes you should not make when you wash the windows.

Don’t clean the windows when the sun is out

You’ve seen the nice weather outside and you think it’s only right to wash the windows. Wrong! The sun will heat up your windows which will evaporate and dry out your window cleaning solution, leaving your windows with streaks, grease and dirt. Try cleaning your windows on a cool, overcast day for the best results.

Don’t skimp on detergent

Another mistake that people make is that they do not use enough liquid detergent to wash their windows. Using too little detergent means that grease remains and you’ll have cleaned inefficiently. Make sure you clean the entire surface of the glass. If you’re not sure you’ve used enough liquid, you probably need more.

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Don’t use inappropriate tools

What tools do you use for window cleaning? Do you know that some people still use newspaper? But what should you really use? Using appropriate tools for window cleaning is essential in order to get the best results, and investing in high-quality ones is a must to ensure their durability in the long-term. If you don’t have time or tools, you can hire window washing company for this purpose.

You need a sponge to soften the dirt, a squeegee to remove excess water and soft cloths to polish the glass. Sounds like a lot to do, right? Everything can be much simpler with a window vacuum cleaner. It can remove water and dirt without leaving any traces of dirt or streaks. All you have to do is wash the grease with a wash cloth before using the vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, you can use it to clean windows, mirrors, tiles or shower cabins without leaving behind streaks and without water spilling down to the floor. You can also use it with telescopic support to wash high windows. See more here.

In conclusion, to have a home with bright windows, you do not have to have too much time or money. You can prepare effective solutions on your own, just with products that you have lying around the house. With salt, lemon or vinegar, you can make great solutions for washing glass with out leaving traces of grease or dirt. You might be happy with your current method of cleaning, or you may be looking for something more effective. It’s never too late to test new solutions or to perfect your methods. You will see that there is an effortless way of washing the windows! From now on, you may find that window cleaning is a relaxing and enjoyable activity. Good luck!

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