The Strange Noises from Your Air Conditioning Unit Are Telling You Something

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As we approach summertime, you really don’t want to be without your air conditioning in warmer climes like Texas. Modern air conditioning products are quieter than their preceding models. It’s thanks to the sound-dampening technology and two-stage compressors that A/C manufacturers use on their high-efficiency cooling systems.

Such technologies are able to keep the level of A/C noise below 55 decibels. Hence, any exceptionally loud or strange noises from a modern air conditioning unit can be an indication of a serious problem and the need for an A/C repair service in Hurst, TX.


A banging noise can be a sign of several A/C problems, specifically inside the compressor. The piston pin, rod, or crankshaft may have been broken or come loose. It may also be due to an unbalanced indoor blower. When a banging sound can be heard from the unit, it’s best to call professional technicians to inspect the system and fix the problem. Immediately call a reputed company like to take care of this issue.


There are several A/C problems that could cause a buzzing noise. Some of them include loose parts, debris in either the outdoor or indoor unit, loose or unbalanced fan blades, failing outdoor fan, dirty condenser coil, dirty and air filter, and refrigerant leaks. To determine the exact problem that is causing the buzzing sound, seek the help of a seasoned professional.


This sound can also be heard from the condenser and generally indicates that something is disrupting the outdoor unit’s fan. Something might have loosened the blades or the fan, causing them to hit other components of the unit. Another possibility is that the fan is hitting debris that fell inside the system.


The clicking sound may be heard when you turn on or shut down the system – and that is normal. But when the clicking sound happens when the unit is running, it’s an indication of a problem. Debris may be obstructing the outdoor unit’s fan. If the clicking occurs and the unit won’t turn on, there may be an electrical problem stemming from an issue with the capacitor, thermostat, or compressor.


This noise may also sound like a scream, a hiss, or metals scraping against each other. It usually can be heard after turning on the unit. If the sound is more like a metal scraping against metal, the fan motor is probably worn out and needs replacement. If the noise is more like a hiss, there’s a high chance of high pressure in the unit’s compressor.


This sound can be an indication of a problem with the fan belt. The belt may have been worn down or become misaligned with time. In this case, it’s recommended to stop running the unit and call a professional. Otherwise, the belt may end up broken. Squealing may also be a sign of a failing indoor blower motor.

What to Do When The A/C Make Odd Noises

If the air conditioner is making strange noises and exhibiting strange behavior, it is best to look for a certified technician. A single sound can mean many things. Without sufficient knowledge, it would be hard to pinpoint the cause of the noise.

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