Everything to Consider When Building Your First Property

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The Great Australian Dream is to have your own plot of land and build your dream home where you can raise your family. It’s an exciting, life changing period but it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of it all and not properly plan, or skip over important steps in the process. Think about what your priorities are, be realistic about your budget and make the time for careful planning. Consider these important stops along the journey to building your dream home.

Plan To Succeed

Planning is the most important part of the construction process. You need to be clear on where you’re going before you embark on your journey to guarantee that you will reach your destination successfully. Poor planning leads to budget blowouts and complications that you really don’t want to have to face. Just look at the light rail network in Sydney – the budgets have blown way out because of improper planning. Take the time to plan every area of your house. Look into estates as well as suburban properties, there are a number of great house and land packages in Sydney opening up that off a range of stylish options.

Lay Down the Layout

Consider which direction you want your house to face on the lot, and what kind of natural lighting that direction could bring you. Think about the flow of the rooms and the layout – do you want the bedrooms clustered of the master separate from the rest? Even think about your décor and what lighting you want which will then inform your decision on power points. Keep track of all the designs and homes that grab your interest and make a scrapbook (paper or digital) of all the designs you like so that you’re not left searching for ‘that great bathroom design’ that you saw somewhere and sometime in the last 6 months.


It’s better to overestimate than to find yourself stuck or taking short cuts towards the end of the building process, which is generally likely to cost more than you first think. There will most likely be a number of costs involved that your builder doesn’t include in their estimate. Like when you buy a car and then get the booklet for all the extras that you assumed came with the car, things like landscaping, NBN setup, window coverings, gas and electric set-up, and driveways might not be included in an initial budget. So be sure to keep some money aside to cover these extra costs. While it’s important to over-budget, also be sure to find ways to save throughout the process and stay ahead of your budget. Get multiple quotes for anything needed throughout the construction process and shop around for the best price on fixtures, fittings and materials. Make your money take your further.

Know Your Entitlements

Look into the First Home Owner Grant if you are building your first home, and find out if you are eligible for stamp duty concessions for your lot. It’s worth taking the time to investigate everything that is on offer.

Enjoy the process and be sure to keep your communication lines open, between your partner and yourself, as well as your builder, and tradesmen. Stay clear and informed on every part of the process so that if something goes wrong you aren’t in the dark about what is happening. Clear communication will also mean that everyone is happy with the end result. Sometimes you might have to compromise, but be sure that you stick to those things that are at the top of your priority list because this is your house, which you will then make into your home.

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