Examples Of Proper Wine Pairings When You Serve Salmon Dishes

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Salmon is seen by many as being the chicken in the marine world in the sense that it is common and loved by a lot of people. It can be served in various ways and this allows a combination with various wines. We are faced with a rich fish that is usually served with butter or cream so normally we will talk about a pairing with chardonnay as a medium to full body wine is always great in this case. However, you will want to also think about the following, based on some common dishes that are served around the world:

Raw salmon dishes – tartare, sashimi, etc.

In this case you will want to try a dry rose or a gruner veltliner. The combination is surprising but it only adds to the experience of eating raw salmon dishes.

Salmon ceviche

This will be a little complicated but, if possible, try to get some Argentinian Torrontes. The match is unusual but it is really tasty. Alternatively, try some Soave that comes from Italy.

Warm salmon dishes – with beurre sauce or hollandaise sauce

Such dishes are classics when referring to cooking salmon. If you cook something like this, the perfect wine is one that is aged in oak barrels, a chardonnay. You can consider white burgundy for a special match.

Cold poach salmon or salmon terrines

In this situation we warmly recommend a pairing with Chablis. Alternatively, opt for some white dry wine like Albarino, Sancerre or Pinot Grigio. You can also go for Chenin Blanc as it does add to the flavor of this dish, according to this site that talks about pairing wine and salmon.

Salmon hash and salmon fishcakes

Once again, you will want to consider chardonnay. However, you can also pair the dishes with champagne or Cava. Sparkling wine in general works great.

Salmon fish pies

This dish will be creamy and rich so it is obvious that you will want to consider Chardonnay. Alternatively, you can consider Chenin Blanc but it has to be aged.

Grilled salmon recipes

There are many that you can try. What is interesting is that you can easily pair these with red wine. That is because salmon is quite a meaty fish. Pinot noir is usually recommended by experts but you can also go for Gamay since it will be exquisite. Alternatively, if you do not like red wine, pair it with Pinot Gris.

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