What Should You Understand About the Craft of Craft Spirits?

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In the world of spirits, the term craft accommodates several farm-to-table bona fides that can stand out even in a crowded market with their unique flavours. Craft distillation is the process used by independent and small breweries that create something new based on their passion and love for beer production.

If you are looking for the best selection of craft spirits in Australia, you can find a range of the finest domestic and regional beers at breweries like https://www.bottlobriens.com/. But, before you plan a trip or order your spirit online, here is what you should know about this revolution called craft spirits.

What Inspired the Craft Distillation?

Until the 1990s, craft distillation in Australia was limited to a few major producers. However, an archaic law was passed that allowed smaller producers to get the distillation license in the country.

It was the start of the revolution that has turned into a thriving industry today, with hundreds of distilleries across Australia producing the finest spectrum of spirits, including brandy, whisky, cider, and gin.

Whether you travel to Hunter Valley or Cronulla, you can find liquor shops selling these spirits at the best prices.

What Makes Craft Distillation So Irresistible?

The best feature of craft spirits is their uniqueness and local flavours. The distillers are the true artists of their trade that create distinctive handmade batches and bottle them in their distilleries. The craft spirits represent local grains, botanicals, and herbs that connect with the local communities and support them. The top features that make them unique are:

Distinctive Ingredients

As a wine lover or average alcohol drinker, you also want to try something that offers more than typical flavours. That is where craft spirits stand out with their perfect balance of skill, distillation, and artistry. It has a huge scale of production and mass local appeal, based on atypical ingredients.

From conventional ingredients like pears, sugarcane, cherries, and grapes to grains, agave, and potatoes, the distilleries use ingredients that can be fermented easily to make them drinkable.

A Wide Variety

Craft distillation constitutes several categories for each type of alcohol lover. It may include craft beer that started as a revolution during the 1970s in the USA to tackle the biggest breweries with local flavours. In Australia, craft breweries are small, family-owned businesses that are passionate about this craft.

Artisan spirits are another booming category that includes handmade spirits representing one person’s craft and vision. When looking for a huge variety of craft spirits, you can check out the stores to find a curated selection of the finest craft and artisanal spirits alongside the traditional brands.

The Detailed Process

When an artisan creates a spirit by fermenting ingredients and boiling the fermented liquid to separate water from alcohol, the process is called distillation. However, when the same process is followed for local ingredients and smaller batches with personalised flavours, it becomes a craft spirit. Manual production methods differentiate them from mass-produced spirits.

However, as a customer, you may be confused if a craft spirit producer makes it from scratch or blends a pre-made spirit at their distillery. Buying from a trusted liquor shop will make your decision easier as they have the finest, hand-picked selection from the top local breweries.

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