How to Have a Fantastic Cloud Server with Minimal Spending

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Finding the right cloud server can seem challenging, especially if you have never used such a service before. You may be wondering how your business can afford a quality service, given your limited budget. The first thing you should know is that cloud services cost a lot less than you are assuming, and many providers offer a monthly payment option, if you do not have the budget to spend a lot in one go.

Here are some of the factors that you have to consider when you want to find a great cloud hosting service, even while paying less.

Understanding Requirements

You can never find the right server unless you know what you are seeking. Just saying, “I want a great cloud server for cheap,” is not enough. Make a checklist of the services that you need, and what features matter the most to you. If you are unsure about what features matter the most, do your research or consult with someone who has more experience on the matter.


Most cloud services will offer you an evaluation or trial period. Always take up that offer, and do not think that you are being stingy. The only way to know if a service is worthwhile is by testing it out. If you can get a two to four-week trial, you are in good shape. That is enough time to assess the pros and cons of the service, and to figure out if it is worth the monthly cost.

Support Services

You cannot use a cloud hosting solution that offers minimal support. That is why the cloud VPS with failover services offered by I/O Zoom are so popular, as everyone knows the company has a reputation for world class customer support. Whether you need assistance in setting up your server, or you are running into some issues with your site, you will need assistance. And when you can get that help from the provider and within minutes, everything will run a lot smoother.

Load Balance

Servers go down all the time, even at the best providers. That is a computing reality. But the providers that offer load balancing are the ones that are worth your money. With load balancing, you get a complete backup of your server if it goes down. That means the second server will immediately be the one the user is redirected to – even if there is a big outage.

Scaling Up

There is nothing wrong with choosing the cheapest plan when you first get cloud hosting services. You want to see how much money you can save, but you could also end up choosing a plan that is too low. That is why you need a provider that offers instant scaling up. In those cases, all you need to do is select and pay for the higher tier, and you immediately get the server capacity that you need. With scaling up, you can deal with your site getting more popular over time, or experiencing a spike related to a specific event.


Even with cheap cloud hosting plans, security matters a lot. Ensure that your provider takes cloud security very seriously. Whether it is the protection of your encrypted data, backups of your application and user data, or preventing against DDoS attacks, you need a full security setup. Any holes will be exploited, especially as your site gets bigger and becomes a target of hacking. In fact, we would venture that it is better to skimp on some other services, so long as you have a world class security setup. That will ensure your site is always protected.

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