Feeling Isolated? Handle Working From Home Better With These Isolation-busting Ideas!

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All of us feel lonely from time to time. Even if we have a happy home life, plenty of friends and a good job, when you’re struggling with your mental load it’s easy to feel isolated. Worryingly, for those who have spent the last few months working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, feelings of isolation and seclusion are increasing.

And if you’ve been told to continue to work from home, whether permanently or just for a few more months, the thought of being trapped at home with limited human interaction is distressing, to say the least.

To prioritise your mental health and still work effectively, it makes sense to find ways to combat these negative feelings. Handle your isolation with these isolation-busting ideas!

Sort out your broadband

Thanks to the internet, we’re more connected than ever. But if your connection is slow and constantly lets you down, then that’s only going to fuel your sense of isolation. Consider getting a better connection by using a broadband deals comparison site such as cable.co.uk. When you’re getting a good deal, good speeds and better connectivity you can chat, message, video call, like, share and socialise without worrying about disruptions. Find a better deal now!

Tell someone

The saying goes, you’re not alone in your loneliness. Which is why it’s important for remote workers to reach out to their managers, colleagues, friends and family and talk about their feelings. If you’re honest about your feelings of isolation, then the company you work for may be able to help you. Or your family and friends can take additional steps to ensure you feel remembered and included. Talking openly with your colleagues about your concerns might surprise you – they could be feeling exactly the same way.

Remember that technology is your friend

As mentioned above, a good internet connection and a broadband deal can help bridge the gap between you and your peers. So, you should remember that technology is your friend! As a remote worker, human contact is essential, so maybe that meeting you have at 1pm could be a video call instead? If you need somewhere to vent after a long day, consider creating a group chat with your colleagues. Host a video chat on Friday nights with your friends. Remember to utilise technology as much as possible in these circumstances.

Head outside

If you’re able to (with local restrictions – if any – in mind) consider getting out every day to enjoy the fresh air and a much-needed change of scenery. This will help clear the mind and reset your thoughts. Leaving you ready to head back to your workstation and get on with the rest of your working day feeling energised and productive.

Focus on the positives of working from home

As a remote worker, you have the potential to enjoy the best of both worlds. A good social life, a sense of closeness to other family members at home, and the opportunity to work in a productive, yet personal environment. Sometimes solitude is a good thing, but if you are feeling lonely remember to reach out to others.

Image Credits: Kristina Tripkovic

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