How to Stay Calm and Enjoy Your Everyday Life

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Modern life is geared toward stress. From being constantly bombarded with emails from work, to a fast-paced lifestyle that never seems to satisfy, it is safe to say that we are in a time never before seen in human history. We are always connected, always feel like we should be out there doing something worthwhile, and this is taking its toll.

The secret to happiness isn’t how many parties you go to, or how fast you can rise through the ranks in your career. Instead, the goal in life today needs to be to slow down. Slow down and enjoy every day stress-free, which you can do by following these steps:

Improve Your Physical Health

Improving your physical health can boost your mood, give you energy, and make you feel great about yourself. To improve your physical routine, you will want to:

Adopt and Maintain a Healthy Routine

Routine is where a healthy body lives, so start today to finally improve your health on an everyday basis. When you get a good night’s rest you do so much more than feel good when you wake up – you also have the energy, alertness, and good mood to tackle the day.

Your routines don’t have to just revolve around building a healthy body, either. By making it routine to tidy up in the afternoons or clean your home you will not only maintain a healthy, positive environment, but your mental health can benefit as well. Tweak these routines until you feel great every day, both physically and mentally.

Invest in the Activities That You Love

Outside of your routine, you will want to start giving yourself things to look forward to. For example, if you have always wanted to learn how to sculpt, take a class. Invest in your desires and learn something new so that you can feel fulfilled both in and out of work.

Manage Expectations

At work you will want to start managing expectations. You absolutely need to take your lunch break, for example, in order to refuel and give yourself the mental break necessary before diving back into a long day. By making it a rule that you take this lunch, people will learn to expect it, and therefore will manage their expectations accordingly. Apply this situation to after work – i.e., don’t accept emails or do work after hours unless you are being paid overtime, and you can similarly make it a norm. There is power in saying no, for both your career and your mental health.

Know When to Turn for Help

Mental health is a very complex issue, and though changing your lifestyle and habits can greatly improve it, there is no guarantee. People with a serious anxiety disorder, for example, won’t find comfort in healthy eating or a good night’s rest. They need a more directed approach to help them cope with their anxiety and to finally start to move past it. The first step to moving on is to understand it, and if you do have an anxiety disorder, you can read more up about it here: If any of those disorders or symptoms sound like you, it is best to consult professional help.

With the average human lifespan inching towards 100 years old we all need to change how we live our lives collectively. We need to acknowledge how our futures are going to change, and that improving our quality of lives now means living a long and happy life.

Image Credits: Angelina Kichukova

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