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There is a global trend for promoting holistic health & well-being, despite the emergence of COVID-19, societies are fitter now than they have ever been and there are many things that we can do to improve our general health & well-being. The Internet hosts a wealth of resources regarding physical, mental and spiritual health and with that in mind, we’ve found a few tips that might help you to make a positive impact on your overall health & well-being.

  • Organic fruit & vegetables – There are many small organic farms in Australia and they all sell their produce online. You can place a weekly order to ensure you are getting the vitamins and minerals you need to enjoy good health, while looking at all aspects of your diet, making changes where necessary. The golden rule is everything in moderation; take a look at the online health food store and avoid eating too much processed food. If you drink, make sure you don’t exceed the recommended alcohol units, while smoking is really a no-no – if you must have a nicotine hit, chew the gum, it’s much healthier than smoking.
  • Take up yoga – This ancient eastern art develops you in a holistic way, with physical, mental and spiritual aspects, all rolled into one discipline. There are established online suppliers of mats and yoga bags, where you will find the best deals on quality products. There are virtual yoga classes that you can sign up for, interacting with the instructor via a Zoom call and they cater for beginners, intermediates and advanced practitioners. You’ll meet lots of like-minded people who are getting the benefits that yoga offers and as you develop, the benefits become more apparent. Once you learn how to ‘sit with yourself’ and leave the conscious mind free from thought, you will have a calmer disposition. Science is actually telling us that the conscious mind affects the body, so positive thinking is the way to go.
  • Daily exercise – If you jog, an early morning 3-5k and an evening run is adequate to work all your major muscle groups. Many people workout at home and investing in a couple of dumbbells and some weights is really all you need to become a fitter. Hire a virtual personal trainer and they will help you set realistic goals and put the work in to ensure success. The PT will also create a diet plan that contains all the nutrients a working body needs, and when you are pumping iron, your trainer is right there with you (in a virtual environment), urging you on as they would if you were in a gym together. Alternately, there are hundreds of YouTube keep-fit videos that you can follow. People are learning more about self-care, empowering you to take control of your health.
  • Me time – No matter how busy your lifestyle, you do need to set aside 30 minutes per day to relax and enjoy whatever it is that you’re into. Doing crosswords, playing computer games or simply listening to classical music, with some time to yourself, your batteries will be recharged, powering you through the rest of the day. Having a hobby can really make a difference if you lead a busy lifestyle, it kind of makes it all seem worthwhile. Perhaps you had a passion when you were younger, why not get back into that? Explore your arty side and you might be surprised. Those with time on their hands, should do something constructive that they enjoy, whatever that might be.

We are certainly living in difficult times and if you are feeling the strain, any or all of the above can help you to become a healthier person. The Australian government takes mental health very seriously, as this website highlights and there are online counsellors who are always available if you need someone to talk to. If you have an active job, perhaps you can skip the daily exercise and if you work in an office, take your gaze away from the screen every 30 minutes and focus on something outside the window; this gives your eyes a change of focus and it only takes a few minutes.

We should all review our overall health & well-being from time to time, making changes where necessary.

Image Credits: Avrielle Suleiman

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