Find Your Bliss: How to Create a Home Spa

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Are you worn down by the stresses of everyday life, yet have little time for recreational relaxation? With an at-home spa, you can personalize your moment of bliss within the comfort of your home. Here are some do-it-yourself tips for the creation of a spa room that will help you achieve refreshed rejuvenation.

Aesthetic Ambiance

Tackle the design basics first — choose a color palette for your home spa. While bright colors are lively and fun, they are an over-stimulus for your optics and can inhibit absolute relaxation. Choose neutral tones for your spa, like cream, white, tan, gray and muted blues. Incorporate natural materials, such as wood, slate and stone so you feel more connected with the soothing elements of nature. Incorporate large-leaf plants into your spa design. The greenery will engage your innate, tranquil connection with plants and the natural world. Order fresh bouquets as accent decor, as they are beautiful and another living element that will enhance the serenity of the environment. Your floral arrangements should be composed of softer colors and include aromatic varieties.

Sensual Feel

For full immersion into a state of bliss, incorporate sensual elements that will elevate your spa experience. Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy that can aid stress, create a sense of calm and lift your mood. Lavender, peppermint, jasmine, bergamot, chamomile and ylang ylang are specific oils and scents that are known as a calming agents. You can reap the psychological and physical benefits of these therapeutic, essential oils from topical lotions, soaps, burning oils or candles. There are studies on mood blends, where you can combine multiple aromas as a remedy for various psychological and emotional ailments. Music is another sensual element that will enhance your spa experience. Install waterproof surround sound in your room and listen to the soothing sounds of nature accompanied with soft woodwinds. There are a number of spa music albums available for purchase on iTunes, so you may fully submerse yourself in serenity.


Furniture will make your bathroom instantly feel more spa-like. Gravitate toward fabrics that are soft in texture and resilient toward moisture. A light linen textile is suitable for a plush armchair or daybed, though you may also want to include some wooden chairs as well. Outdoor furniture is wonderful for home spas, as it is made with fabric and cushions that are moisture resistant, and will endure regular use. Billowy curtains will soften the room and block out harsh sunlight — a gauzy material will allow some of the natural light to come through, whereas a thicker and more opaque curtain will create a darker environment. You can have two layers of curtains, where both sheer and opaque are layered, so you may personalize the lighting of the room for each spa session.

Spa Appliances

The bathtub is the centerpiece of your home spa. Freestanding tubs are currently on-trend as they are a beautiful in design and will save you space. Your tub, whether clawfoot or marble surround, should have a comfortable amount of length and depth. Enhance your bathing experience with air jets. Air jets are a more discrete and quieter alternative to water jets. Once you’re finished with your bath, have a warm towel at the ready with a towel warmer. A towel warmer is an added luxury for your spa, which will keep your towels fresh and warm.

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